Three High-luxury Gold Watches Recommended, Fake Rolex

We often talk about playing with watches, but some watches are not that fun, at least not something you can play with. Gold watches are such a category. Most people can wear a watch with a gold watch head, but it’s different if the watch chain is also gold. We often say that it can’t be suppressed, and that’s what it means. Many people wear gold watches and look like nouveau riche, but some don’t, so big gold watches will attract people.

Rolex Day-Date Series 228235 Green Disc Watch

  • Watch diameter: 40mm
  • Movement type: automatic machine
  • Case Material: 18K eternal rose gold
  • Waterproof depth: 100 meters

Everyone will believe the first of Rolex’s Day-Date regarding gold watches. There are too many historical legends about it. To sum up, there are two. One is very valuable, and the other is very prestigious. Rolex DD is the brand’s flagship series, and all products are made of precious metals. Although Cellini now also uses precious metals, it cannot be compared with the status of DD. This watch is made of Rolex’s patented eternal rose gold material, with a head-shaped bracelet and a green dial. It is very low-key but full of personality. The Roman scales on the disk are all made of faceted and polished gold scales, which have a strong three-dimensional effect and are very luxurious. The watch has a 3255 self-winding movement, which has strong performance and integrates Rolex’s most cutting-edge technology patents. Wear it, and you will be a winner in life. Fake rolex.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15202BA.OO.1240BA.01 watch

  • Watch diameter: 39 mm
  • Watch thickness: 8.1 mm
  • Movement type: automatic machine
  • Case Material: 18K gold
  • Waterproof depth: 50 meters

Except for Rolex DD, a complete formal watch with a large gold chain, watches with precious metal bracelets from other high-end brands rarely appear in formal watches. In mainstream designs, formal watches are often subtle and restrained. , so there are more leather straps. Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak is an authentic sports watch, but its excellent craftsmanship and stylish appearance still stand out even when paired with formal wear. The entire appearance of this watch is made of 18K gold, giving it a sense of luxury. The eight platinum screws on the octagonal bezel show its coolness and fortitude. The large blue checkered dial with a sunray effect is a very cool Royal Oak. Through the bottom cover, you can see its 2121 ultra-thin automatic movement. Audemars Piguet is the leader, a watch that can make a watch full of gold still look very stylish and handsome. Swiss replica watches.

Patek Philippe Sports Series 5711/1R-001 Watch

  • Watch diameter: 40mm
  • Movement type: automatic machine
  • Case Material: 18K rose gold
  • Waterproof depth: 120 meters

Despite its rose gold bracelet, the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711R is an elegant sports watch suitable for formal and sportswear. The beauty of a top-notch watch lies not only in its overall appearance and spirit but also in the excellence of its details. The watch looks very polished and brushed, with alternating light and dark. You can see its specialness at a glance. The entire appearance alone requires a lot of craftsmanship and time, and its value is often more than an entry-level top watch. It is equipped with a Patek Philippe 324 SC self-winding movement inside, and the movement’s detailed processing and luxury are outstanding. More importantly, this Patek Philippe can be bought and will be easier to buy than the steel model.

When buying a watch, we often look at fate. Regarding fate between people, we pay attention to chance, coincidence, and the compatibility of the three views. The same goes for buying a watch. Some watches you want cannot be purchased, but you need to know when you will meet them. What’s more important is that the three views are consistent and the family is well matched, especially with a big gold watch like this. If you don’t want to look like a nouveau riche, clothing alone cannot ultimately save you. What is important is whether your temperament can suppress the light of gold.

Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s
Model: m228238-0042
Case Color: Gold-tone
Dial Color: White Dial
Band Length: 18cm
Case Thickness: 15mm
Series: Day-Date
Band Width: 20mm

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