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The World’s Wealthiest Hip-hop Wears Watches Beyond Your Imagination Rolex Fake

The richest rapper on the planet, Jay-Z, and his wife Beyonc√© recently purchased a $200 million mansion in California, USA. It is the most expensive house on the west coast of the United States. Not only that but Jay-Z’s trench is also reflected in his watches, whether shopping or red carpet; each of his eyes […]

Rolex Day-date Features Replica Watches

Day-Date features: 1) The capitalized week window at 12 o’clock 2) Precious metal case (gold, white gold, eternal rose gold, platinum) 3) Three-grid arched (head of state) link 4) Five dial scales of metal bar, bar diamond, square diamond, Arabic numerals, and ancient Roman numerals 5) 3135, 3156, 3235, 3255 movements From the day window […]

Cheap Fake Rolex Day-date Type, Gorgeous And Charming Dial

The charm of Rolex has always been self-contained; for most people, it is perfect to have a Rolex, and it is best to have a day-date type, and as people grow older, everyone’s love for DD will become more and more hair strong. The color matching is eye-catching and quite “resistant” in function. This watch […]

PHILLIPS “Watch Collection – Geneva Xvii” Auction Watch Replicas

From May 13th to 14th, 2023, Phillips and Bacs & Russo will hold the “Watch Collection – Geneva XVII” auction. The auction brought together 208 rare items, with a turnover of US$52,488,707, more than double the lowest pre-auction estimate and the third-highest record in history. The star of this auction is a Rolex Ref.6270 chronograph […]

How Much Does The Swedish Royal Family Love Rolex? Replica Watch Stores

Although the British royal family is so high-profile in Scandinavia, most are Rolex Daytona fans. Today, I will take stock of the Swedish royal family and Daytona for everyone. princess madeleine Princess Madeleine was born at Drottningholm Palace in Sweden in 1982. She is the sixth heir to the Swedish royal family. She is a […]

Rolex “Leaf Tray” Replica Watch Store

Rolex Datejust “Palme d’Or” The log type DATEJUST is the most conventional and everyday watch in Rolex. Since the take-off of Rolex sports models, Rolex’s popular imitation watches have been “monopolized” by sports labor, making the journal look entirely satisfactory and mediocre for many years. Rolex Datejust “Green Palm” But last year, things took a […]

Detailed Explanation Of The Rolex Replica Milsub Military Water Ghost Customized By The British Military

It is not the first time that Rolex has customized military watches for the British Ministry of Defense. It has also produced 6200, 6538, and other models in history. In the 1970s, the British Ministry of Defense customized military water ghosts to Rolex based on the 5513 water ghosts, named Military Submariner (MilSub for short). […]

With Over Ten Million Lightning Needles, Is The Spring Of Imitation Rolex Green Glass Coming?

At Phillips Geneva Watch Auction, Rolex’s first-generation lightning needle, 6541, made in 1958, was sold at a sky-high price of 2,238,000 Swiss francs, equivalent to about 17.33 million RMB. Just looking at this number, you may feel a little. But by comparison, you can see how inflated the price is. In the same game, the […]