I’ve Never Seen A Rolex Like This, Best Fake Watches

When you mention Rolex, what do you think of it? Wealth? Indeed, the idea that Rolex symbolizes wealth is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. For the local tyrants who like Rolex and want to show off their wealth, a modified Rolex that makes people’s eyes shine is necessary. Interestingly, most modification bosses of the bezel started from modifying Rolex, such as Bamford in the UK, Blaken in Germany, MAD Paris in France, Artisans de Genève in Switzerland, and Designated Individual in Belgium.

In 2022, a new star was born in the modification industry—the Daytona Golden Essence watch from the modification rookie Designated Individual (DiW for short). This Daytona Golden Essence watch is a revelation, unlike the ordinary modified Rolex in the past. It’s more than just a modification; it’s a transformation. With its elegant style and the perfect combination of white quartz fiber and 18K gold, it’s not just a new level for customized Rolex; it’s a whole new world of fascination. Best fake watches.

This DiW Daytona Golden Essence watch uses a 40mm white quartz fiber case with an 18K gold bezel. The crown and chronograph buttons on both sides are also made of 18K gold. Although the official website information says it is 18K gold, visually speaking, the watch should be made of 18K rose gold. Rose gold Daytona is not rare, but what is rare is the beautiful collision between the avant-garde white quartz fiber material and the classic traditional 18K gold material.

The color of the Daytona Golden Essence watch is even more exquisite. The dial and strap cater to the rose gold color of the bezel, but unlike the polished 18K gold bezel, the watch uses a matte or even slightly lacquered rose gold dial with a metallic rose sub-dial. The three sub-dial scale rings are white, echoing the white quartz fiber case, making the watch more straightforward to read.

In addition, the hands on the dial, the crown LOGO at noon, and the hour markers decorated with white super luminous are all made of 18K gold. The whole is seamless. The Daytona Golden Essence watch has brought the charm of rose gold to the extreme and is unique. This is due to the texture of the dial. This matte texture reminds people of gentle skin-to-skin colors such as nude, flesh, and apricot. It is very subtle, gentle, and has a strong presence.

The strap is also perfectly matched. It is decorated with black stitching and a black lining, the same color as the dial, making the watch more dynamic and elegant. Like the ordinary Daytona, the Golden Essence watch has a Rolex 4310 automatic winding movement.

There are many ways to modify Rolex, but to be honest, this DiW Daytona Golden Essence watch is a rare gem. The combination of white quartz fiber and 18K gold is not just perfect; it’s exclusive. The color matching is also eye-catching, especially for DiW, who likes creating black carbon fiber Rolex. This Daytona Golden Essence watch is even more eye-catching! The number is also scarce, limited to 10 pieces, making each one a unique and privileged possession.

DiW was founded by Belgian designers Victor Rampel and Morris Rampel in 2011. It was initially just a small factory and started with a series of luxury customized mobile phones. It has gradually developed into a company that mainly produces customized watches and has established its headquarters in Russia. Customized watches are mostly Rolex, including the four major Rolex Skywalker, Daytona, GMT, and MILGAUSS series. However, DiW’s most famous modified watch is its CARBON DAYTONA Daytona series. This series is a carbon fiber material for Rolex Daytona, with a canvas strap. It is light and comfortable to wear. It weighs less than 50 grams and is known as the “lightest Rolex modified watch.”

In addition to the material, DiW also has ideas for the design of replica watches, especially in color matching. It has its style. Camouflage, graffiti, etc., are DiW’s favorite design elements. If you know more about DiW’s CARBON DAYTONA series, you will find that this new Daytona Golden Essence watch is unique. Not only is it a rare and elegant watch, but it is also one of the few watches that use white quartz fiber.

Case Size: 40mm
Brand: Rolex
Case Color: Silver-tone
Band Color: Two-tone
Series: Daytona
Gender: Men’s
Model: 116503CSO

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