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Precision Competition: A Hairspring Battle Initiated By Engineers, Cheap Fake Rolex

At the time, all balance springs were metal, and Nivarox, owned by the Swatch Group, enjoyed an almost monopoly. Later, silicon technology was developed and applied, but it was only the patent of a few manufacturers. The hairspring is crucial from a mechanical and strategic perspective, but it has more to do with materials science […]

Three Highly Recognizable Watches Are Recommended: Rolex Copy Watches

Some watches can be recognized by us at a glance, even if they are seen from a distance. The unique case design, personalized color combinations, etc., are some elements that distinguish it from other watches. Next, let’s take a look at some highly recognizable and impressive watches. Rolex Datejust m126334-0026 watch Product model: m126334-0026 Watch […]

3.6 Million, Buy A Rolex Dial, Top Swiss Replica Watches

At Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong, a “mysterious” Rolex Daytona Ref. 16528 sold for a high price of HK$4.25 million, or approximately RMB 3.87 million. As for a regular Daytona of the same model, its price on the secondary market is around RMB 200,000, and the price difference between the two is astonishingly high at […]

The Rolex Worn By Marlon Brando In Apocalypse Now, Replica Watches Rolex

On December 10, 2019, local time, Phillips held the “GAME CHANGERS” themed auction in New York. Lot 30 in this auction is a Rolex Ref. 1675 Greenwich watch that once belonged to Oscar winner Marlon Brando. Marlon Brando wore it in “Apocalypse Now,” directed by Francis Ford Coppola and released in August 1979. The auction […]

This Rolex Daytona Is Excellent. Rolex Replica Watches

The American public television station PBS has a popular program called “Antiques Roadshow.” It is to help identify whether the items are valuable treasures for free. You can participate in everything from porcelain to paintings and calligraphy to all kinds of messy small items. In one episode, a Rolex Daytona sold for US $ 345 […]

Hand-rolled Cream Plate Ref.6263, Fake Rolex Watches

The third-generation hand-rolled Daytona Ref.6263 probably appeared around 1970 and was produced for about 20 years. It is the final model of the very popular hand-rolled Daytona in the past. Its watch diameter is about 37mm, which is different from what we see now produced in recent years. I’m sharing the silver [BIG DAYTONA] hand-rolled […]

Can The Rolex Dial Be Replaced? The Best Replica Watches In The World

Rolex’s dial replacement service refers to consumers’ requests to replace or purchase another dial while the original dial is intact. There are different opinions on its existence or not. Some people swore online that they had witnessed it and listed the disks as evidence; others scoffed at this, saying that they had been clearly informed […]

Rolex Replica Daytona Uses The Zenith Movement; What’s Going On?

Daytona is Rolex’s “flagship” sports model, and everyone is familiar with it. Daytona has always been Rolex’s most valuable watch from ancient times. The current sale price exceeds the public price; the discontinued model has increased in value; the antique model has broken the auction record. Many players like Rolex know that Daytona used Zenith […]

Recommended Men’s Best Replica Watches

Rolex GMT-Master II series m126710blnr-0002 watch Product model: m126710blnr-0002 Watch diameter: 40mm Movement type: automatic machine Movement model: 3285 Case Material: Oyster steel Waterproof depth: 100 meters There is no doubt that Rolex is on the list. This new five-bead chain with blue and black circles has been trendy since its launch. This time, Rolex […]