Hand-rolled Cream Plate Ref.6263, Fake Rolex Watches

The third-generation hand-rolled Daytona Ref.6263 probably appeared around 1970 and was produced for about 20 years. It is the final model of the very popular hand-rolled Daytona in the past. Its watch diameter is about 37mm, which is different from what we see now produced in recent years. I’m sharing the silver [BIG DAYTONA] hand-rolled Ref. 6263 made in 1980. Oyster-style hand-rolled dishes with a unique presence among antiques are probably becoming more and more difficult to find. There must be many collectors. They are all looking for watches with good quality. If only Ref.6263 is enough, it is relatively easy to find. However, many parts need to be paid attention to. In particular, the alignment of each component is critical. The overall alignment ( That is, whether the parts characteristics of each part match the characteristics of the year of production) will make a big difference in its evaluation and price, and the difficulty of getting it will also become different. It’s okay if it’s an internal consumable part that needs to be replaced regularly, but we often see some dials or movements that have been maliciously replaced. Since they are antique watches with rising market prices, generally influential watch dealers will set up many checks. Standards to inspect and judge antique watches like this. Fake rolex watches.

Next, look at the dial of Ref.6263 in the picture below. It is a cream dial with a perfect atmosphere. The cream dial has suddenly become popular in recent years. It was probably manufactured around 1980. The production period was very short. It is also a scarce dial in the silver [BIG DAYTONA]. The overall soft cream color of the dial is said to be a popular color in recent years. It’s not an exaggeration. Only a tiny part of the tritium luminous material has peeled off and corroded. It is rare to have such an utterly brilliant cream plate. If you look carefully with a magnifying glass, although there are minor scratches, you will not care about it with the naked eye. Some of the dials of Ref.6263 have been introduced earlier. Interested friends can check it out. In the picture, the chronograph hand and small seconds hand are aligned, and the case has a full shape. Swiss replica watches.

The timing button is also the original Mark II button. Everyone has different preferences on whether the button has grooves. However, judging from the year the butter plate was made, it should have a Mark II button without grooves. The bezel is also Mark II. Of course, the plastic bezel still has some wear and tear, but the atmosphere is perfect. It is very typical for the bezel of Ref.6263 to be worn. If the bezel is too clean and beautiful, you must pay attention because many fakes are on the market. After all, it is one of the most frequently replaced parts. It can only maintain the original. The state is quite rare.

The strap is a 78350 strap with a head number of 571. It is a 19mm hard strap with Daytona’s particular head grain, with almost no signs of slack. The buckle scale I is also consistent with the year. Since it is a hard strap of Ref.6263/Ref.6265, it must be suitable for the 571 head. The circulation of Ref.6263 has been decreasing sharply in recent years. It is estimated that collectors worldwide are looking for watches in good condition. However, the hand-rolled Ref.6263 is a high-priced watch, so the details that need to be paid attention to are the dial, hands, and bezel. , buttons and even the year-blurred back cover also has several versions. You must research in advance if you want to find a watch in the same year. The black [BIG DAYTONA] was more popular in the past, but with the increase in awareness of this cream dial style, the silver dial is more prevalent among collectors.

Gender: Men’s
Dial Color: White Dial
Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
Brand: Rolex
Model: 116520
Band Width: 20mm
Case Thickness: 15mm
Band Length: 18cm
Series: Daytona

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