How To Pair Red Wine With A Watch, Fake Rolex Watch

Famous watches, red wine, and luxury cars are the three most fascinating things for mature men. In social circles, there is a saying: “Women look at bags, men look at watches.” The watch worn on a man’s wrist often reflects his personality. The quality of life reflects personal grace and charm, so men who pursue quality life are fond of famous watches. In addition, wine is also indispensable for men in work and social situations. What kind of watches should be paired with famous wines to complement each other, set off each other, and highlight taste? Take a look at the three watches recommended today to see if there is one you like.

Rolex Day-Date Series 228206-83416 Watch

  • Watch diameter: 40 mm
  • Movement type: automatic machine
  • Case Material: 950 platinum
  • Waterproof depth: 100 meters

At first glance, this watch gives people a fresh and elegant feeling, which is very different from Rolex’s “rich style” in the past. As a model of noble watches, Rolex is famous for its durability and accurate travel time. This day-date series watch has a calendar window and the whole day of the week on the dial. The day-of-the-week display also has multiple functions. There are various languages to choose from, which makes it innovative and breakthrough in function. It is also equipped with a 950 platinum head-shaped strap, which is perfect, making this watch the darling of the watch market. This Rolex watch may be too delicate and feminine to be worn by mature men. Still, the ice-blue diagonal dial with the blue crystal mirror looks elegant and stylish and has a gentlemanly character. The best match for this Rolex watch is the “Queen of the Wine Kingdom” – Lafite dry red wine. Like Rolex, Lafite is also well-known to people from all walks of life. It has an outstanding taste, rich fruit aroma, and natural quality. Not a problem. Just imagine pairing such a fantastic, transparent watch with a cup of mellow and sweet top-quality Lafite, like the blend of ice and fire. Doesn’t it have a unique charm? Fake rolex watch.

Patek Philippe Complication Chronograph Series 5131R-011 Watch

  • Watch diameter: 39.5 mm
  • Watch thickness: 10.61 mm
  • Movement type: automatic machine
  • Case Material: 18K rose gold
  • Waterproof depth: 30 meters

The most notable feature of this watch is the dial. The world map in the center of the dial is made of cloisonné enamel, and the outlines of the continents are visible. The personalized dual-hand design for hours and minutes is even more unique, showing the beauty of mechanical craftsmanship. As a classic model of the world time series, this dial design also clearly displays the world time function. The 18K rose gold case, and dark brown crocodile leather strap are elegant and elegant. This Patek Philippe watch does not have a gorgeous appearance and is not set with any diamonds or gems, but it conquers people’s hearts with its unique design. It deserves the reputation of “the blue-blooded aristocrat among watches.” The wine that matches it is the Romanée-Conti wine. Also known as the “jewel of the gods,” its wine label is not gorgeous, and the packaging is not studded with diamonds. It is simple and elegant. The elegant, low-key, soft-tasting Romanée-Conti and this aristocratic watch will create different sparks. Patek philippe replica.

Vacheron Constantin Maestro Series 82020/000G-9924 Watch

  • Watch diameter: 40 mm
  • Watch thickness: 7.5mm
  • Movement type: manual mechanical
  • Case Material: 18K white gold
  • Waterproof depth: 30 meters

The Vacheron Constantin Maestro Series 82020/000G-9924 watch is simply a pleasing piece of art on the wrist! The fully hollow dial is like carving on the movement. There is no unnecessary decoration under the meticulous and complex craftsmanship. The simple and neat carving design is exquisite. The carving technology has been brought to the extreme. Inheriting traditional craftsmanship and interpreting time uniquely and artistically, Vacheron Constantin has done an excellent job. Although the dial is the biggest highlight of this watch, the 18K white gold case and Mississippi alligator leather strap also add a lot of color to it, making it look noble and elegant. This watch is a perfect match for Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne. Not to mention its excellent brewing process and flawless quality, its appearance is also amazing. The Cristal Champagne bottle is made of UV-resistant cellophane and gold. The wine label is similar to Vacheron Constantin’s watchmaking process. The craftsmanship and quality of the two are perfectly matched.

Some people say that tasting wine is like savoring life. So when you savor life carefully if you have a watch you fall in love with at first sight to match it, will it add a lot of unique charm of male hormones? Famous wines need to be paired with famous watches. With good looks and connotations, these three watches must be indispensable for career-oriented men in the social world.

Movement: Automatic
Band Width: 20mm
Model: m228236-0005
Series: Day-Date
Brand: Rolex
Case Thickness: 15mm
Band Length: 18cm
Gender: Men’s
Band Color: Silver-tone

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