Samba “Neymar’s Replica Watch Rolex, How Many Do You Know?

Neymar, one of the world’s Brazilian superstars, is very ornamental because of playing football and is chic and elegant. It is called the last Senba dancer and one of the strongest left fronts in football. With Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, they are hailed as the best third person in football.

Neymar’s exquisite facial features, deep eyes, and evil smiles, Neymar, a handle in the face of football, is also quite experienced in dressing. In addition, its opponent’s swiss replica watches are even more powerful, including Richard, Patek Philippe, Jiang Shidon, and Rolex.

Today we will look at those Rolex Neymar has worn and see how many know.

Rolex Green Jindi

Rolex Green Jindi, 116508, the public price is 302,200 yuan. Players with replica watch bezels can introduce a little. One of Rolex’s most popular styles, about 600,000 in the secondary market, you can earn it when you buy it.

Rolex “Golden Blue Ghost”

Golden Blue Ghost, Rolex, 116613, public price 125,000. 41 diameter, self-produced 3235 movements, 18CT golden unidirectional rotation 60-minute scale outer ring, blue plate surface gold strap, high recognition.

Rolex yacht

Rolex Yacht Famous Series M268655. Use self-produced 2236 movement. 18K eternal rose gold case with ceramic bezel, and the rubber strap is full of sporty atmosphere! It is a daily wearing artifact. The public price is 324,500 yuan.

Rolex “Tiger” Datong

Rolex Di Tong has 116588, which is a controversial Di Tong. Because its design is not like Di Tong, its most prominent feature is that it is shiny, the black paint face dial is inlaid with diamonds, and the frame is revealed, forming a tiger’s markings. Extremely special.

Rolex “Inter”

Rolex Greenwood -type II, M126710. This Inter Milan circle’s unique feature is to use five beads chains. The models still follow Rolex’s most classic modeling design. The diameter is 40 mm. About 5 mm to meet the needs of different wrists.

Rolex “Oyster Constitution”

This Rolex Heng has a particular movement. The case uses 18K eternal rose gold, inlaid with 48 square -colored square -shaped square -cut gems. At first glance, it is luxurious, and the public price is 58,8900 yuan.

Rolex Sunday is full of celestial stars.

This M128348, the dial, and the bezel adopt a dense inlaid diamond, and the scale is still a rainbow diamond, which is simply a star in the watch world. This public price is priced at 55W RMB.

Rolex “left-handed” Sprite Circle.

In 2022, the new Greenwood-type II watched launched at the “Watch and Miracle” watch exhibition in Geneva was moved to the left side of the case and equipped with a green two-colored-colored “Sprite Circle.” The public price is 89300 yuan.

Rolex Rose Golddi Tong

The public price of the 18K eternal rose gold case, and the strap is 32,5200 yuan, with a timing function.

Rolex “Fang Diamond” Greenwich II II

The ceiling-level Rolex, the dial, and the bezel use diamond inlaid, especially the bezel part, or the rare gradient color diamond; the public price is 896,900 yuan.

Whether Neymar is one of tens of thousands of big names or everyone can get fast fashion items, they can be worn with less inside. What do you think of Neymar’s watch selection brand?

  • Case Thickness: 12mm
  • Model: m128239-0027
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Series: Day-Date
  • Band Length: 18cm
  • Dial Color: Diamond Paved Dial
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836
  • Brand: Rolex

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