36 Millimeters Of Rolex, Men And Women Eat, But More Suitable For Men Noob Replica

36 mm, a classic and “magic” size of Rolex.

The size of the famous watches is generally large, and the size of men’s watches is usually about 40 mm or more than 40 mm; female watches, like Roger Dudai and Panerai women’s watches, have reached 36 mm and 38 mm. Some women’s watches are more significant than the Rolex 36, but 36 mm still exists as a men’s watch size among Rolex. So today, I will look at the 36mm Rolex of 36mm.

Rolex 36 mm log 116244

36 mm is the most classic size of Rolex.

Why do you say that 36 mm is the most classic size of Rolex? Because of 36 mm, it has run through the history of Rolex from ancient times. From 1945, Rolex’s first automatic string, a noob replica watch with a casual jump calendar 4467, came out (the predecessor of the log) and was 36 mm. And on Datejust logs and DAY DATE week calendar, 36 mm has been used, and it has always been more than 70 years.

Rolex 36mm log 116244, drilling rigs, and drilling.

Since the Rolex log and week calendar, after the birth of the 1950s, it has always been 36 mm in size. In 2000, big watches began to become popular, and the size of each eye began to increase. Until this, Rolex was only in 2008 and 2009 and added a 41mm new dimension (DAYDATE II and Dayjust II) for the week’s calendar and log type. And 36 mm, from beginning to end, has always existed.

Rolex’s 4467 in 1945 is the predecessor of the modern log -type, which establishes a 36mm size.

The Rolex log 1601 in the 1970s was 36 mm.

Before the big watches began to be popular in 2000, in a long history, the size of men’s looks was generally 31 mm to 36 mm. In the antique table, 36 mm is already considerable. But today, 36 mm Rolex has been defined as men and women.

Rolex 36 mm log 116244

Why is a 36mm Rolex more suitable for men?

Because of the 36mm Rolex, whether it is the 36th and 36 -week calendar, the actual effect after getting started is more significant than 36 mm. The reason is the large surface ear of the Rolex oyster case and the connection method of the head chain. In the early years, Rolex, such as log -16233, week calendar 18038, the ears are narrower and thinner. Later, the ears gradually widened and thickened to the present level.

Although the size is 36 mm, the ears of Rolex and the bracelet connection are relatively large.

I engraved this 36mm drilling ring to wear to my wife. At first, she felt it was not bad after wearing it, but she found a problem later. Due to the large surface of the oyster case, the watch’s size is indirectly increased. The whole issue has covered her wrist, and the wider bracelet is also a bit wide in her hand. Most girls have thin wrists. The 36mm log -type and weekly calendar are still slightly larger for them. This also explains why Rolex launched a women’s watch series, women’s Records. The size of the women’s log type is 28 mm (at the same time, there are 31 mm swiss models in the log type, which are extraordinary women’s watches).


Some players will be tangled at 36 or 40/41 when they buy a log type on Sunday. For some players, 36 mm is a very suitable choice.

Rolex’s 36mm is a classic size of men’s watches.

36 mm drilling rings.

In the past, the Rolex log type I started, like 126333 and 126334, all 41 mm. I never started the Rolex of the drilling ring before and later formed the 116244 carved by the drilling ring. Drilling rigs and drilling, the size of 36, is also suitable.

Drilling rigs are luxurious.

In the past, when we bought Rolex, we prioritized the “dog tooth ring.” This time, the drilling ring replaced the “dog teeth.” After all, it was a diamond. Under the light, it flickered into a “halo.” The most commonly used Rolex bezel diamond is this inlaid claw diamond. The bezel is platinum; each small round diamond has four claws below. The diary type and week calendar are all such drilling rings. Only when the highest-positioned platinum week calendar is inlaid with the T -side diamond will the value increase as soon as you drill up. But most of the labor is the claw inlaid.

The bezel diamond claws are inlaid with bread drills.

This 116244 disk is a drill. Drilling is Rolex’s most commonly used plate diamond inlaid method. A round diamond on the square. Many other famous watch brands, inlaid with a round diamond on the plate, are small. The Rolex bag diamond and the bottom bearing were visually large. The sense of luxury has improved significantly.

The bezel diamond claws are inlaid with bread drills.

116244 is the last generation log. In addition to the movement, it is also 3135; it is also the previous generation to use the five beads chain plus hidden buckle. The log type now on sale has become a five-bead chain with an oyster buckle. The hidden clasp is currently only available to the full gold calendar use, and its status has risen. Rolex hides the hook, and only a tiny crown shows after the clip is buckled. Open the buckle and directly deduct the small crown. Matching with Wuzhu Chain is very delicate and coordinated. It is a pity not to use the hidden hook in the sale.

The five-bead chain is equipped with a hidden buckle. This combination has now disappeared from the log.

116244 has been discontinued, and the 36mm log type is engraved in the sales of the drilling ring, and the public price starts at 140,000.

  • Brand: Rolex
  • Model: 118346
  • Series: Day-Date
  • Dial Color: Silver Dial
  • Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
  • Band Length: 18cm
  • Case Size: 36mm
  • Gender: Men’s

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