Noob Replica Rolex Expeditions I After The 1990s

Today, I started talking about the fourth generation of the adventure home. The first three generations belong to the category of antique imitation watches. The fourth generation has changed from inside to outside. The size is 36mm as the third-generation Ref.1016, and the model of the eye is 5 -digit Ref.14270. The movement adopted the most advanced high-vibration 3000 movement at that time; the material of the mirror was more durable than the plastic. Due to many changes in the design, although it was not very popular when it was released, its popularity gradually increased with the wearing of some celebrities in the late 1990s.

The fourth-generation adventure family type has rare dial characteristics, such as [Black Out], which exists in the initial E -head and X -head. The feature mainly depends on the [369] scale (ordinary 369 metal scale has white lines, such as the first picture), and the logo of the dial is the color of the silver label, which can be divided into the following three types.

The middle of the 369 metal scale is wireless (pure metal scale), and the dial logo is a silver mark.

The middle of the 369 metal scale is the black line, and the dial logo is a silver label.

The middle of the 369 metal scale is a black line, and the dial logo is a white label.

Because it is scarce, the market is two or three times ordinary. Do you find it incredible? Among Rolex, such rare and unique dials will always be sought after by some senior cousins, so such a market (not all of which) are formed, similar to the philatelic or wrong version of banknotes. Xiaobian still prefers the standard version. At 6 o’clock, the dial is only the individual of [SWISS] marked.

In addition, the REF.14270 was produced from 1990 to 2001. During the period, there were several details changes. For example, the buckle 1995 changed from a double hook to a single pin, and the window holes of the surface ears changed from penetrating to semi-penetration. Like other sports models, the luminous coatings are changed from Tritium brilliant (now not glowing) to Luminova luminous. If the buckle is a single buckle and is of bright light, it has been well received in the second-hand market recently. Some watch providers and senior players regard it as a quasi-antique watch.

The fifth-generation explorer Ref.114270 is similar to the old Ref.14270 in appearance until it was produced in 2010. The heads at the connection between the bracelet and the ears have changed from the previous separation type to the overall type; the 6 o’clock position of the mirror was added to Rolex’s laser anti-pseudo crown in style. The movement has also evolved from the previous 3000 actions to the 3130 campaigns. Like others, the outer wall of the watch tray is also engraved with the watch’s serial number and noob replica rolex letter. In addition, the Ref.14270 has a rare [Black Out] dial. The reF.114270 also exists in this dial after it. It is wireless (pure metal number). This Ref.114270 [Black Out] feels rare than Ref.14270. The market should be at least twice as ordinary. Take it if you have the opportunity.

  • Model: m214270-0003
  • Series: Explorer
  • Band Length: 20.5cm
  • Case Size: 39mm
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Brand: Rolex

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