Why Is Someone Keen To Modify The Watch? Replica Watches Noob

Many people have encountered such a situation when buying watches: the watches they are watching do not have their favorite colors, some watch dials are very eye-catching, but they are hideous, or they find that the popular style is too ordinary.

Like hitting a shirt, sometimes buying popular watches will strike the eye of others. Who knows who has experienced the embarrassment? To this end, many watch enthusiasts hope to have a different look to show their personality and charm on various occasions.

The limited-edition watch launched by some watch factories is based on this demand. However, the vast market demand cannot be met, and the limited sheet established by the watch factories is only sometimes suitable for its taste. Therefore, the modified table market has become increasingly popular these years.

About watch modification

In the early days, some studios abroad made watch customization for customers. Based on genuine watches, they usually make a modified authentic watch look unique by graffiti, or replace the case, belt material, etc.

The current watch brand does not recognize third-party modification; the moment the watch was modified, the original brand’s official warranty right was abandoned.

The reason why the modified watches are not officially recognized is nothing more than to touch the official interests of the brand because many brands are continuously changing the color and strap material through a style to increase income.

For example, Di Tong, a full gold model, is the only difference between the dial. The public prices are 286,000 yuan, but the green dial has a price increase of 80,000 to 100,000 yuan in the market.

Another example is Patek Philippe’s Nautilus series, with a public price of 220,000 yuan, but the market price of the blue disk is as high as 600,000 yuan, while the same style of the white plate is only 400,000 yuan; the difference is quite significant.

Although the changes are carried out on the simple table for the modification table, it could be better than the original table regarding value preservation because of the official dislikes. However, the unique swiss models after the modification are precious for spiritual value. For example, some customized forms have special memorial significance for individuals. In other words, the modification table is destined to be the hobby of wealthy people.

Watch modified product

After understanding the modification form, we would appreciate some excellent modification cases and well-known modification brands.

As we all know, Rolex has not produced hollow replica watches noob, but many people are very popular with open designs. Watch Modification Brand WhatCHS and French football player Camp Mob, based on Rolex eyes, cooperated to design hollow shapes, satisfying people who love the Rolex brand who love the open watch.

Modification brand Label Noir also likes to “operate” Rolex. When it is Rolex, the watch of the watch adds the comic character “High Sailor.” In the plot setting, the sailor will become endless. In this watch, the design of the pointer is exciting. The two thick arms of the sailors are transformed into timing and tunnels, and the swinging balls transform into the second time zone pointer. The design looks very interesting.

Another watch-modified brand AET Remould is also worth saying. Although a foreign brand, it can integrate Chinese traditional culture into the watch’s design. Their latest annual look, “LOONG,” is based on Rolex Daditong Time Watches as a prototype. It incorporates many excellent techniques, such as carving the dragon’s shape into the dial, embedded in the emerald in the bezel and time scale, and the dragon among them. Among them is the dragon. The ruby design of the eyes corresponds to our allusions to “painting the finishing touch.”

In addition, the application of transparent and bright sapphire crystal straps is even more surprising. You know, most of the sapphire crystal straps previously only existed in the propaganda of those watch factories. Still, only a few simple applications exist, and Aet Remould brought this high-quality material to reality. They have first-class watchmaking technology.

The sapphire crystal strap is not just good-looking, but its quality is also very light. Presumably, many people will like it very much when they see it.

  • Brand: Rolex
  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Case Thickness: 16mm
  • Series: Daytona
  • Band Color: Black
  • Case Color: Silver-tone
  • Model: 116519LN
  • Dial Color: Steel Dial

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