Replica Watches Rolex Can Be Bought At A Public Price

In addition to those popular models with high prices, Rolex also has many styles that can be bought at public prices. They also have excellent designs and perform well. Today, I will take stock of those Rolex watches that can be purchased without hype or premium.

Oyster Perpetual (essential color matching)

The Oyster Perpetual series is the basic entry-level model of Rolex. It is named after the famous Rolex Oyster “Oyster case,” so the name means that its shape is as round as an oyster, and it can be submerged in water for a long time without being affected. This design was patented in 1926 and has been used since, becoming one of Rolex’s standard equipment. Replica watches rolex.


The 2020 Oyster Perpetual series is popular with the “turquoise color” similar to “Tiffany blue.” Not only is the price of turquoise color high in the secondary market but even green, yellow, and red There are also varying degrees of premiums for other color schemes. Apart from the color models, the current 36mm Ref.126000 essential color matching is relatively easy to start.

Jin Tanyi

The Rolex Explorer series is positioned as a mountaineering watch designed for professional outdoor sports. The series is divided into two models, “Tan 1” and “Tan 2”. The first generation of Tan 1 was born in 1953, including the inverted triangle scale at noon, the Arabic numeral scale at 3/6/9 o’clock, and the Mercedes-Benz needle. The elements have been passed down and are still used today.


The 2021 Explorer series ushered in a new generation. The latest generation of “Tanyi” has changed the diameter of the previous generation from 39mm to 36mm. This site is also the classic diameter used in the earlier versions of the series, which is more retro and refined. Secondly, the movement was replaced with the latest generation of Rolex Cal.3230 campaign, which increased the power reserve to 70 hours compared to the previous generation. In addition, Ref.124273, the inter-gold version, is also added. This is the first time the Explorer series has been equipped with precious metal materials. It is currently the most accessible inter-gold sports model for Rolex.

Cellini series

As the only formal wear series of Rolex, Cellini is less popular than the sports model, but many things are worth mentioning. First of all, Cellini is the only series in the whole series of Rolex that uses a belt, and it is also the only series with a transparent back cover. In Cellini, Rolex did not use the brand’s consistent oyster case but redesigned the subject, incorporating elements such as coin patterns and tapered crowns.


The Cellini series not only has a unique case design but also has different functions. We all know that Rolex has always produced simple three-hand watches, and the style of the eye is challenging. However, the Cellini series Ref.50535 has rarely added a moon phase display. This is currently the only Rolex series with a moon phase display function. Rolex, good at authoritarian styles, has shown an unusual side to Cellini. Compared with sports models, the Cellini series has certain advantages in terms of price. As for whether everyone accepts Rolex formal swiss replica watches, we can only say, “Radish and cabbage, everyone has their love.”

The several Rolex watches listed above may be attributed to being “unpopular” by watch friends. Still, styles that can be purchased without a premium provide another choice for friends who want to experience Rolex watches. Finally, I hope everyone can rationally view market fluctuations and buy their favorite watches reasonably priced.

Brand: Rolex
Model: m124273-0001
Case Size: 36mm
Series: Explorer
Gender: Men’s
Band Length: 18.5cm
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813

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