How To Choose Rolex’s “Plate Chain” And “Five Baht Chain”? Fake Rolex Watch

As we all know, some Rolex watches have two strap versions simultaneously: the Jubilee and Oyster. However, compared to the direct official translations, domestic players prefer to refer to them as “plate chains” and “five baht chains” based on their shapes.

Although the two straps are very different in style, they are both classics. They both have their supporters, and which one is better has been debated for a long time. Especially last year, Rolex returned the GMT “Coke Circle” and “Blue-Black Circle” to the plate chain, and the move to add a five-baht chain to the “Skywalker” sparked heated discussions again. The brand has expanded the scope of the double watch strap application and returned the right of choice to the user. Since then, the watch strap is no longer a factor affecting the selection of watch models. Consumers can buy the version that suits them best according to their preferences, but it also creates many “difficulties in choosing” players worry about this. Today, let us start from multiple angles to analyze the difference between the “board chain” and the five-baht chain and how to choose between the two. Fake rolex watch.

Let’s start with the “plate chain.” It is easy for careful watch friends to find that, except for the Cellini series, the official names of Rolex watches will be named after the Oyster Perpetual plus a specific type, such as “Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deep Dive,” “Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona,” etc. This name is inherited from the patented technology of the oyster case that Rolex applied for in 1926, and the strap designed for it came into being soon after. Due to its simple shape, ease to wear, and fewer connection points between the watch sections, the overall is very strong and durable, suitable for various sports scenes. The Oyster case and the Oyster strap are inseparable, so their combination is more “orthodox” and more in line with the unique temperament of Rolex watches. Imitation watches.

The “five baht chain” commemorative strap was released after the Oyster strap. As the name suggests, the commemorative model is a unique strap launched in 1945 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Rolex brand. The original version is 18K gold and only mounted on the log type (DJ). Both the material and the visual appearance are gorgeous. Today, the material of commemorative straps is not limited to precious metals, and the detailed design has undergone several adjustments. But no matter how it changes, it always shows elegant characteristics.

The series with these two straps are Datejust, Women’s Datejust, Vertical Navigator (Skywalker), and Greenwich II. Comparing their prices, it is easy to find that the brand’s price for commemorative straps is significantly higher than that of oyster straps. The difference between the two is RMB 1,700. The plated chain needs to consider the premium in the secondary market to have an advantage in price only from the official public price.

First, the appearance is a bonus item for the five-baht chain. The five-baht chain adopts two kinds of polishing and brushing techniques, which are interlaced and matched. Under the still light, it gradually shines, and the reflected light is very dazzling. In contrast, plate chains are much more low-key in appearance. (Oyster Perpetual, Submariner and other models) are only brushed and polished, and the visual appearance is not so “delicate.” But everyone’s preferences will be different.

There is no doubt that from a practical point of view, the plate chain is more advantageous. At this time, the advantages of complete brushed polishing are reflected. It can dilute some fine scratches and wear marks and is less intrusive than a polished strap.

The interior of the early five-baht chain is hollow, which is lighter than the plate chain. However, the new models have been upgraded to solid materials. Although the material is solid, the weight has also increased. At present, the difference in weight between the two straps has been further reduced. I still prefer the five-baht chain. But there are still some disadvantages. Some watch friends think that the easy-to-bend nature of the five-baht chain makes it look “loose,” and it is easy to pinch fine hair, so it may not be friendly to friends with thick hands.

Generally speaking, the five-baht chain and the plate chain are still indistinguishable: the five-baht chain will be more dominant in terms of aesthetics, and the two different polishing processes make it extra delicate; it was initially designed only for journals, suitable for frequent wear Formal wear or players with thin wrists. On the other hand, the Oyster strap has a comprehensive section, so it is recommended that friends with thicker wrists wear it. In terms of wearing comfort, they are 50 to 50. The five-bead chain has the problem of pinching hairs, and the plate chain could be better than the five-baht chain to fit the wrist. But regarding price and practicality, plate chains can make a comeback.

Gender: Men’s
Series: Gmt Master Ii
Model: 116710BLNR-78200
Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic
Dial Color: Black Dial
Case Color: Silver-tone
Case Size: 40mm
Band Length: 20cm

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