What Is The Charm Of This Watch Worn By The Crown Prince Of Malaysia? Watches Replica

The crown prince of Johor, Malaysia, often shares his wonderful life online on social platforms, and his fashionable outfits are also talked about by people, especially the various luxury watches that are inadvertently revealed, and countless wristwatches have been planted. Watch lovers. The watch he was wearing made many netizens puzzled, “How is the shape of this watch both familiar and unfamiliar,” “It looks like a Rolex but not quite like it,” and most importantly, the design of this watch is awe-inspiring. Personality. Watches replica.

Watch bloggers who specialize in sharing the luxury life of celebrities have already answered. The watch worn by the Crown Prince of Johor is from AET REMOULD, a German watch refit design brand. It is based on the Rolex Daytona. The official name is “Abu Dhabi White Porcelain Limited Edition.” The design of the watch is also very distinctive. The Yas Marina Circuit inspires origin in Abu Dhabi, the venue for the last race of Formula One racing, where the champions of each season are born. Therefore, for F1 fans, these race Props have special meaning.

AET REMOULD integrates the most representative track color, Abu Dhabi Blue, into the design of the watch, covering the dial and bezel numbers, highlighting the sense of speed of motorsports. This design concept is Unique; it not only retains the original shape of Daytona but also ingeniously integrates the transformation concept, both in terms of visual perception and design connotation; it has personalized expression.

In addition, the case and strap are also made entirely of white ceramic, a material that is very fragile and prone to breakage during manufacturing and is rarely used in wristwatches, but The effect of the finished product is unique; not only looks simple and pure, but also has a warm and jade-like wearing feeling, and is very scratch-resistant. Replica watches review.

The brand AET REMOULD may be unfamiliar to most people in China, but in the foreign watch market, they have attracted many favors with their unique designs. For example, they launched the “Picasso series” based on the famous artist Picasso’s paintings, the “National series” showing particular cultures around the world, and the artistic “Rodin series.” These watches are very design sense.

In particular, the recently launched 2022 masterpiece “Loong” watch, in addition to using platinum carvings, emeralds, etc., to show a sense of luxury, also tried for the first time to make sapphire crystals into straps, which almost no watch factory in the watch market can match. Mass production has been achieved, and AET REMOULD’s spirit of daring to take risks has also won much appreciation. Finally, the “Loong” watch with a sapphire crystal strap also presents a unique design aesthetic.

Generally speaking, excellent watch design can always win people’s love. As a watch refitting brand good at design, AET REMOULD has an extraordinary and excellent creative concept. For watch lovers, this is a brand to be noticed.

Model: 116519
Band Color: Blue-tone
Engine: Mingzhu Engine
Band Length: 18cm
Band Width: 20mm
Series: Daytona
Movement: Automatic
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex

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