Green Pan Oyster Hengmou 41 Top Swiss Replica Watches

Today I shared a Rolex top swiss replica watches that is still being produced: an oyster Hengmou 41 Ref.124300 green noodles. The size of oysters constant movement is extremely rich in size. It is more refreshing in 2020, adding green pine blue (Tiffany), yellow, coral, green, and bright colors. Ascend, especially the Tiffany blue. However, some of these popular personalized color dials quietly disappeared from the official website in 2022. As for this 41mm REF.124300, there are seven colors, that is, based on standard silver, blue, and black; it adds turquoise blue, yellow, coral red, and green. All three colors have disappeared, and the green surface to be introduced next is still in production.

The color of the Ref.124300 green dial differs from the color of the solar light effect. It is matte. If it is a sunlight effect, adjust the light irradiation angle of the dial, which will show different colors. Before the emergence of Ref.124300, its maximum surface diameter was 39mm, and 39mm to 41mm was its biggest highlight. The big case is trendy now, and the size of the case of the submarine type is 41mm. I doubt the sports will be the same in the future. The 41mm case of the constant oyster movement is equipped with a green dial without a calendar window, which is simple and generous. Like the new explorer type and Wumi Live Airlines, the action uses the latest 3230 movements to achieve 70 hours of energy storage. As the unique color is left in Oyster Hengmou 41-green, many friends are still pursuing it. After all, the circulation time of other new colors is relatively short, so it takes work to find. Led with green water ghosts, cousins always have a fascinating pursuit of Rolex’s green plate. The market conditions are also affected by this. The reason is that green is the symbol of Rolex replica watches. Be sure to share it.

  • Brand: Rolex
  • Series: Oyster Perpetual
  • Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
  • Band Color: Silver-tone
  • Band Length: 18cm
  • Model: m124300-0005
  • Case Color: Silver-tone
  • Gender: Unisex

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