Noob Rolex Replica Color Scales Are Full Of Sunday Calendar Watches

When it comes to diamond watches, the first choice in your mind may not be Rolex, but do you know Rolex’s diamond-mosaic watch?

Diamond meter pricing

In addition to making your watch more shining, diamonds are also an excellent way to increase the unit price of watch sales. And this watch with platinum material, the price is just 940,000 yuan. Compared with the entry version of the same size and the same material, dog’s teeth, this watch costs nearly 500,000 yuan.

Rolex week calendar 36mm diamond and platinum

Today, this 36mm Rolex Day Date should be a model with diamonds in a million budget. Although the star plate surface, full diamond bezel, color gem scaling time markers, and all platinum case straps have only a diameter of 36 mm, the weight of 241 grams is also worthy of the title of “half a catty.”

Rolex finally increased the dog tooth ring to the platinum version of the watch. In selecting diamonds inlaid in inlaid, noob Rolex replica Day Date all the platinum versions of the Rolex DAY DATE. Giant rectangular strip drill.

On this date, 60 square diamonds are stitched and inlaid more shining than dog tooth rings. There is no way to inlay Rolex’s classic small crown on the dazzling sky plate. Therefore, there are only two small brands on all Rolex full drill plates, which says the English logo of Rolex, and the corresponding product model is printed below.

Selecting subjects during scale is essential for a watch with a grilling surface. Compared with the 6 and 9 points commonly used by Rolex 10 years ago, it is a colorful time punctuation of ruby or sapphire. This watch uses color gradient natural gemstone time marks.

Rolex week calendar 40mm diamond and platinum

Although 36 mm suits men and women, more diamonds are ideal for men. This is a 40mm surface diameter inlaid with diamond diamonds and the target version when drilling scale. The black paint surface dial is more profound and can also set off the sparkling of the target when the drill scales. For male consumers, such diamonds are in place. Platinum-made cases have some matte texture, are less than 500,000 yuan, and can effectively control your watch purchase budget while obtaining shining diamonds.

Rolex’s diamond selection

Rolex has specific requirements for its diamond selection: First of all, all the diamond gems inlaid on all watches in Rolex are pure and natural, with F -grade, and the clarity must be D to G. It is also a relatively high requirement in the GIA standard. During the screening of diamonds, Rolex was first screened by machine. Then enter the processing link. Before the diamond processing, its size and shape must match the watch’s design.

Although Rolex has few diamond-mosaic imitation watches, its watch has a large total output. Rolex’s diamond gemstones are inlaid and consumed yearly in the Swiss high-end watchmaking industry.

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Although the 36mm meter diameter is not large, this watch is full of weight. Its most prominent feature is that it is not eye-catching and scary. In terms of wearing this watch, there is no restricted area. After all, Rolex’s presidential chain is dazzling.

Isn’t it worth buying when the diamond watches are inlaid?

If you take it with a complex ratio of the watches that are not inlaid in the same brand, the value of these diamonds does not reach the corresponding difference.

But look at this matter from another dimension, for example, in the jewelry of those luxury jewelry brands, whether there is diamond-encrusted jewelry. You will find that the median price difference is not only one time, five times, or eight times. Then the Rolex diamond watch is relatively cost-effective. Years later, when you want to turn these treasures into money, you will find the Rolex diamond watch holding its value much better than the jewelry.

  • Case Thickness: 12mm
  • Model: m128239-0027
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Series: Day-Date
  • Band Length: 18cm
  • Dial Color: Diamond Paved Dial
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836
  • Brand: Rolex

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