Blue Is Like The Hai Fangna Stone Replica Store Online

In Di Tong’s discontinuation, many models have high collection values. The dial using natural stone is naturally in this rank.

The tables to be shared today are also rare to see. Di Tong of these natural stone dials may be lower than meteorites, but it is rare and unique. The dial material is Fangna Stone, a category of long stone minerals. It belongs to common gems. Because the color is similar to the lapse, it is also called “Canadian epigraphic stone” or “blue -patterned stone.” A composition of dark blue, blue, and light white, enlarged viewing can be seen in the distribution of white substances. In foreign countries, it was previously used as a tool for removing magic and was worn by the royal family and monks. Also known as the stone of the sages, it can increase luck in work and knowledge, passed down from generation to generation. It once appeared in other models. The log of the 1990s had its figure regardless of men’s or women’s best replica watches.

This Di Tong case is made of 18K platinum, the bracelet is a belt, and the dark blue belt is also the color of the Fangna Stone dial. The eight-diamond design of the dial is perfect work. There is minimal circulation, and each Fangna stone watch is unique, so some senior watch replica store online collectors love it. However, when considering the models of such natural stone dials, you must carefully check their dial status. If a little cracking disadvantage appears, it will lose the rare value of the natural stone watch disk.

  • Model: 116519
  • Band Color: Blue-tone
  • Engine: Mingzhu Engine
  • Band Length: 18cm
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Series: Daytona
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Brand: Rolex

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