Why Is This Rolex Entry-level Model Paid Twice The Premium? Replica Watch Store

Rolex once hoped to popularize robust, reliable, durable watches for the lower-end consumer market. This can be seen from the birth of the Tudor brand that year. For entry-level watches, Rolex has always insisted on making simple, entry-level, and basic versions such as Oyster Perpetual, Airmaster, and Tanyi. Although compared with precious metal watches with the same movement, their profit margins are relatively limited.

However, fashion trends and attributes of automatic mechanical watches have changed the game’s rules in the high-end watch market. As a more entry-level brand with affordable prices, Tudor’s annual sales are only 1/5 of Rolex’s. If it weren’t for the more radical product design of the Black Bay series in the past two years and the increasingly stringent tie-in sales policy of Rolex dealers, Tudor would not have such a small sales growth market performance as it is today. Replica watch store.

The same is true for the Oyster Perpetual watch series. In the previous generation, Rolex had launched a variety of colorful radiation discs, hoping to attract more young people to this entry-level watch. Still, young people don’t pay for it. For quite a long time, Swiss watchmaking brands have been ancient in the minds of young people.

Until the last five years, along with economic growth and consumption upgrades, Swiss high-end watch brands, driven by the sales growth of Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe, have gradually found the essential attribute in line with this era: that is, men High-end accessories for users! The design style, material selection, color matching ideas, etc., of watches, have also begun to revolve around this core function. In the high-end watch market, the driving effect of popular trends and popular swiss models has become more and more violent.

Today, in the face of a vast consumer upgrade market like China, where the luxury car market accounts for more than 20%, the progress of the consumer market for watches, classification, differentiation, fashion, and accessories is also accelerating significantly. Social media and more experience Similar video programming has accelerated this megatrend. In the watch communication environment in the past ten years, pictures and videos’ visual impact and planting effect have also accelerated the change in Chinese consumers’ perception and taste of watches.

The lacquered Oyster Perpetual watch launched by Rolex is also a beneficiary of this trend. The color of the dial has replaced the watch’s functionality and has become the most crucial decision-making basis for consumers to choose a look. Strong recognition and reasonable price Pricing have accelerated the market’s push for these popular watches. In the eyes of many old-school watch players, this Oyster Perpetual lacquer dial is, at best, a good watch, but it is the last hot roasted seeds and nuts.

But for those new-generation consumers who value appearance first, when the product quality and brand strength are justified, the exceptionally high degree of recognition and trendy sense are the best reasons for them to pay a premium. This is why, once a specific color becomes popular, major brands will also accelerate the launch of this famous color dial. Cartier also launched an entry-level quartz watch with a colored dial. Isn’t it why it caters to this trend?

In the past two years, when major watch factories have gathered together to launch green dial watches, “cutting leeks,” who cares whether this green color has its own brand connotation and unique meaning? Users are willing to spend money to pursue it, which is the most significant value of the color of a watch dial.

High-end watches are no more extended timekeeping tools, nor are they crafts. In this era of information explosion, they have already transformed into luxury goods, accessories that cater to fashion trends, and vassals of trends and tastes.

Series: Oyster Perpetual
Gender: Unisex
Brand: Rolex
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Case Color: Silver-tone
Band Width: 20mm
Model: m124300-0006

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