The Disappearing Rolex “Creeper.” Best Swiss Replica Watches

One of the significant characteristics of the Rolex brand is “stability.” The brand promotion and movement are stable, and even the watch models are relatively “stable.” Compared with other brands, there are few changes. But “Creeper” is one of the exceptions. As the earliest Rolex professional tool watch was born in the 1950s, it was discontinued ten years ago.

Today we’re going to talk about the disappearing Rolex ivy.

The official English name of Rolex’s “Creeper” is called “Turn-O-Graph,” which directly means “a measuring outer ring that can rotate.” This outer ring has a digital scale of 0-60. The outer ring can rotate freely left and right. With the minute hand, you can set and record how many minutes something has been going on at any time. It is functionally equivalent to a “manual” chronograph. Best swiss replica watches.

The reason why it is called a creeping tiger in Chinese has nothing to do with tigers. The reason behind it is that its abbreviation TOG looks like a “Tiger” tiger, so it was called out like this! It resembles the idiom “Three people become a tiger.”

In 1953, humans successfully climbed Mount Everest. To commemorate this event, Rolex launched the brand’s first professional series “Explorer” explorer. The ‘Submariner’ series, commonly known as the ‘Water Ghost’ today, and the ‘Turn-O-Graph’ creeper were also born in the same year.

At that time, Rolex did not know how to make a professional sports watch, and it was utterly crossing the river by feeling the stones. So judging from today’s perspective, there were many “wonderful things” in the early days. For example, in the above two watches, one is the water ghost, Ref.5513, which looks like an explorer, and the other is the creeper, Ref.6202, which looks like a water ghost.

One year after its listing, the “Turn-O-Graph” ivy has found its position. The watch’s most iconic “rotatable measuring outer ring” is changed from the original aluminum alloy sheet to a thick three-dimensional K gold carving, which has a firmer texture and is included in the “Date Just” log series.

In the late 1950s, the Thunderbirds aerobatic squadron of the U.S. Air Force equipped its pilots with Turn-O-Graph watches, so people in the Chinese bezel circle called it “climbing tiger,” while the English bezel was called “Thunderbird.”

This Ref.16528 also has a bird at 6 o’clock on the dial, but it is not an American thunderbird but also a Middle Eastern eagle.

After World War II, oil exploitation in the Middle East ushered in an explosion, and various royal families also made a fortune. To reward and commemorate, the royal family of the Middle East found a watch brand to customize a watch, and the dial will be printed with the emblems of various countries and royal families. These watches were given as gifts to diplomats, dignitaries, guards, servants, and armies. Tag Heuer replica watches.

And these dials with Middle Eastern characteristics are also called “Arab-dials”. Rolex was the most popular customized brand in the Middle East. For example, the eagle icon of this Ref.16528 represents the royal family that once belonged to the UAE.

The unique surface is a good direction in the Rolex collection. There are few styles of Rolex watches, unlike Omega’s tactics in the watch sea. Under such circumstances, there are fewer unconventional dials, and their value is higher in the short and long term. The range of unique surfaces is extensive. In addition to gemstone surfaces of different materials, it also includes remodeling and limited editions for particular markets, such as Comex and Middle East surfaces, and even exceptional dial craftsmanship of a specific period.

The production cost of these special noodles is low, and the brand generates a high premium and quantity deliberately controlled by the brand. The Middle East is even more covered with a layer of the mysterious royal veil, and the tip has been evident in recent years, and collectors highly seek it.

Whether the ivy is good or bad, apart from looking at the dial, the most direct way is to observe the rotating outer ring.

Because except for the aluminum alloy outer ring of the first generation in 1953, the back is full of thick three-dimensional K gold carvings. The early ones had fine lines, and the modern ones have become dog teeth. Such a design can be easily identified immediately once it has been hit, overused, improperly repaired, or excessively polished and refurbished.

What do you say the “Turn-O-Graph” creeper looks like?

I believe he is the father of Rolex yachts, Oyster waterproof + calendar window, + metal rotating outer ring; he is a birth father.

In 2004, Rolex launched the “Turn-O-Graph” creeper, rotating the outer ring to make a combination of dog teeth and digital engraving. With the extensive red secondhand and red calendar, it isn’t enjoyable. Unfortunately, ivy was not popular with the mass market and was discontinued around 2010.

The “Turn-O-Graph” Creeper is a unique watch in the history of the Rolex brand. It originated from a sports tool watch but was classified as formal and casual halfway.

Case Size: 40mm
Case Thickness: 15mm
Band Width: 20mm
Model: 16622SSO
Series: Yacht-master
Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s

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