What Watch Does Golf Legend Tiger Woods Wear? Replica Rolex Watch

In 2020, on November 16th, Beijing time, on the 15th of American time, the Golf Masters ended. Dustin Johnson, currently ranked No. Break the championship record and win the championship for the first time. The Masters (The Masters/ Masters Tournament) is one of the world’s four prominent men’s professional golf tournaments. Historically, the event is held in April every year. Affected by this year’s epidemic, the 2020 Masters has been moved to November 12-15 in Augusta. Today, when I mention the sport of golf, I don’t want to talk about the new champion Dustin, but I want to talk about the golf legend Eldrick Tiger Woods who put on a green jacket for him at the award ceremony Woods.

Tiger Woods had some fluctuations at the beginning of the last round of this Masters. After the chipped ball on the 2nd hole rolled into the hole cup, he slid directly, missed the eagle, and caught the birdie. On the 12th hole later, There was a significant mistake, and he shot a PGA Tour single-hole personal highest score of 10. Before this, Woods had never scored more than 8 in a single hole in Augusta. Among these ten shots, he hit the ball three times in a row into the water. Although Woods quickly adjusted after finishing the 12th shot, his technical and psychological quality caught five birdies on the 13th, 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th holes and five birdies in six spots, usually only available to champions. Performance, but due to previous mistakes and poor state, they finally tied for 38th place with a -1 score. In the final interview, Woods said, “I can’t put on the green jacket this time. Today’s results are far from what I expected. I predicted the wrong wind direction, which led to a lot of mistakes in Ray’s Creek (Woods hit the ball into the water), but that’s golf, and unlike other games, you have to save yourself.”

Woods’ last words made people sound a little emotional. Although he failed to defend the championship this year, he mentioned self-rescue—this legendary athlete who promoted golf as a global sport completed self-rescue last year.

Tiger Woods can be said to be at the peak of his debut. He became the youngest American amateur champion at the age of 18. He became a professional player in the 1996 Milwaukee Open and finally finished 60th. The following year, in 1997, at age 21, Woods set a record and dominated the Masters by 12 strokes, becoming the youngest champion in Augusta. With four victories and nine top-10 finishes, he eventually ranked No. 1 that year. Counting from becoming a professional player, Tiger Woods climbed to the throne in only 42 weeks, which is unprecedented in sports history. In his subsequent career, he went through a period of technical transformation. When Woods’ technology stabilized and peaked, he created countless golf records, some called miracles.

A career that was supposed to go smoothly according to the script, but a car accident at the end of 2009 ushered in a turning point. This car accident completely broke out the scandal of Woods. In 2010 and 2011, he ended up without a championship for two consecutive seasons. In 2013, he finally made some progress. He only won one in 9 games. In the top 25, the world ranking has dropped from No. 1 to No. 62, two places behind his debut at No. 60. His mental and psychological problems have accompanied off-court scandals. The illnesses that came were tormenting him, and Woods finally chose to leave the golf course in 2015 and announced an indefinite hiatus.

Woods returned to the game after a two-year break, returning to golf in 2017 for the 2017 Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas. In the following 18 years, in the 2018 PGA Tour Championship held at the East Lake Golf Course near Atlanta, Georgia, Woods won his 80th PGA Tour Championship with a score of 11 under par. The championship drought of more than five years ended with an outstanding performance in this game. In April last year, Woods achieved a historic victory in the 83rd US Masters held in Augusta, won the US Masters for the fifth time, and returned to the ranks of Grand Slam champions. The 43-year-old veteran once again wore the championship green jacket that represents glory, this is the first time he has won the US Masters again after 14 years, and it has been 11 years since the last Grand Slam champion. Six months later, Woods maintained his fiery state and won the championship again at the ZOZO Championship in Japan. So far, Woods has won 15 Grand Slam titles and 82 PGA Tour titles in his career, completing self-salvation.

After talking so much about this legendary player’s career, let us look at another theme: the story of Woods and the watch. As the spokesperson of Rolex, Woods wore a gradient ghost king when he won the US Masters last year and raised the trophy. It is eye-catching. Let us look at the watches he wears most often as the spokesperson of Rolex.

But in fact, Woods has always been the spokesperson of Tudor in the early days of his career. After terminating the cooperation in 2002, he became the spokesperson of TAG Heuer. Watches sophisticatedly designed to meet the unique needs of golfers, it is also the first watch that can provide perfect comfort in golf games. TAG Heuer uses grade 2 titanium and a particular anti-shock protection structure to solve the vibration problem caused by the weight of the watch and the swing action, and the golf ball pattern used on the disc surface is also unique. However, following the off-court scandal in 2009, TAG Heuer re-evaluated the relationship with Woods and reduced the use of Woods’ image in marketing activities. In addition, his poor sports status in the next few years ended in 2012. In addition to the cooperation with Woods, TAG Heuer has been cooperating with Woods for ten years since 2002, and it has been one of the longest cooperations in the history of TAG Heuer. Woods also experienced numerous endorsement terminations, including AT&T, the world’s largest management consulting company and technology service provider Accenture, sports drink Gatorade, and shaving care brand Gillette.

Woods indeed lost these endorsements because of his problems. Under the double pressure of off-court scandals that have been accompanied by him and the decline in his competitive state, there are only two brands that will never leave Tiger Woods; one is the sports brand Nike, and the other is Nike. It is Rolex. I mentioned above that Woods spoke for Tudor when he debuted, so it can be regarded as having a close relationship with Rolex. Two months after TAG Heuer’s settlement, Rolex quickly reached an agreement with Woods at the right time, also signed after the Woods scandal—the first significant advertising endorsement contract. Replica rolex watch.

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In the early endorsements, Woods wore more Rolex Day-Date. I wonder if Rolex arranged this or if he wished to show the same brand spokesperson, golf legend Jack Nicklaus. Salute because Nicklaus’s favorite watch is the Rolex Day-Date, and that all-gold model has been with him for over fifty years. The day-date type is also often called the president’s watch, which is also because it often appears on the wrists of leaders of many countries. People like Kennedy, Ford, Reagan, Nixon, and Roosevelt have all worn this type of watch, which also makes the watch Very popular with politicians and business people. The picture above shows that Woods is wearing an old white plate Roman scale 18K platinum day-date. In addition, the olive green day-date Day-Date worn by Woods also leaves a deep impression on people. Impression. Swiss replica watches store.

This olive green DD is also the most beautiful day-date model. This watch is a style specially launched by Rolex in 2016 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Day-Date. Rolex chooses 18ct eternal rose gold to make the case. This material is specially developed and patented by Rolex. The point is 40mm, and the olive green disk is unique. Rolex does have its aesthetic concept for the color of the disk. From the colored dial, we can see that the olive green and the metallic tone and luster of the eternal rose gold are in sharp contrast. The hands on the dial, the information on the dial, the 12-point crown, and the Roman numerals are also made of eternal rose gold. , There is an iconic convex lens calendar display window at 3 o’clock and a week display window above the crown at noon. The overall watch effect is exquisite and does not show the slightest tackiness because of the use of precious metals.

There needs to be more than a watch’s appearance; its inner core is also essential. Rolex also considered this and equipped the look with the newly developed 3255 movements. The accuracy of Rolex’s training is evident to all. Aside from precision, this movement is excellent in power reserve, shockproof and antimagnetic performance, wearing comfort, and reliability, demonstrating Rolex’s superb technology. The training can provide a 70-hour power reserve and is water resistant to 100 meters. The watch has a week-and-date iconic head chain with three arched links, which fit the wrist and take care of comfort when worn.

The day-date type has rarely appeared on Woods’ wrist in the past two years. Woods replaced it with the Rolex Deep Dive. The Rolex Deep Dive was launched in 2008. While retaining the aesthetic features of the brand’s diving oyster watch, Compared with the ordinary Submariner Sea-Dweller, it also pays more attention to the most stringent requirements of ultra-professional divers regarding sturdiness, precision, and reliability. And Woods likes the deep dive model, which we often call the ghost king, because when Woods is not practicing golf, his favorite sport is diving, and the reliable Rolex deep dive watch often accompanies him.

Woods grew up in southern California and often surfed and dived in the Pacific Ocean. In his own words, the ocean is integral to his life. Woods loves the breath of the coastal breeze, the texture of seawater, and sand grains. Because of this, Woods needs a reliable watch, and the Rolex Deepsea was just what he needed. Interested watch friends can go to Rolex’s official website to see one of his Rolex, a story interview, which also mentions his love for diving watches and deep diving models.

Since Rolex launched the new deep dive D-BLUE style at the Basel Watch Fair in 2018, Woods has often worn this gradient ghost king. The watch is made of Oyster steel with a diameter of 44 mm. Thanks to the case structure of Rolex’s patented Ringlock system, the watch can withstand a pressure of 3,900 meters of water depth, and the mirror surface is equivalent to fighting three metric tons of pressure. These three parts are firmly fastened to the middle case, specially cast from a solid piece of Oyster steel, which is extremely difficult to erode. Three waterproof rings in the three-button lock crown tighten the case like a submarine hatch. At the same time, the crown shoulders are integrated with the middle point to ensure the waterproof performance of the case and equipped with a helium exhaust valve to reduce the impact of pressure on the watch during diving. These many technologies make the entire look reliable and safe during deep-diving activities.

The watch’s deep D-BLUE, black and blue two-color gradient dial, pays tribute to James Cameron’s deep-sea challenge expedition in cooperation with the National Geographic Society in 2012. This challenge set a historic single-person deep diving record. Blue to black also represents the change of light and dark during the dive, and the gradient disc and the outer ring of the black diving scale complement each other perfectly. The words DEEPSEA are also specially colored with James Cameron’s green submarine color. The luminous pearl at noon on the outer ring, the dial scale, the iconic Mercedes-Benz needle, and other hands are coated with Chromalight long-lasting bright material so that the watch can emit blue light even when it is deep underwater so that it can be read clearly. Rolex equipped the look with a 3235 movement. 3235 is an upgraded version of the 3135 movement, which brings more excellent performance to this gradient ghost king and can provide a power reserve of about 70 hours. Rolex equips the watch with an Oyster bracelet.

“I’ve had ups and downs in my career and at one point doubted whether I’d be able to play golf again. After winning, I hope my experience is an inspiration to everyone who is going through a setback and that they never give up.”

After reading the watches that Tiger Woods often wears as a Rolex spokesperson, the early Day-Date, the deep dive model in the past two years, especially the image of wearing a gradient ghost king is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, just like his black and red dress and tiger head. Like the pole cover, it will think of Federer when you see Skywalker with a blue disk, and you will think of Woods when you visit the gradual ghost king. Apart from the golf player, he also has a second identity as a father, and the watch means more to Woods, not only witnessing his victories and failures but also accompanying his diving adventures with his children. Borrowing from Liu Guoliang’s words posted on social media when Woods won the championship last year, Tiger won the tournament 14 years ago to prove to his father that his son was the golf king. What attracts some, the spirit does infect all. When the king’s return was staged, and self-salvation was completed, Woods’ eyes were still determined even though the hair was thinning. Let us continue to look forward to Woods continuing to attack the honor.

Series: Sea-Dweller
Brand: Rolex
Model: 116660-98210
Gender: Men’s
Band Width: 22mm
Dial Color: Deep Blue Dial
Case Thickness: 18mm
Case Size: 44mm

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