Tasting Rolex Submariner Best Replica Watches Review

The left is the new 126610lv; the right is the old 116610LV

The Rolex Submariner watch originated from the background of vigorously developing deep-sea exploration in the last century. Rolex, which launched the patented waterproof Oyster case in the 1920s, naturally shifted the focus of watchmaking to the research and development of diving watches. , Rolex aimed to make watches that meet the actual needs of divers and began experiments in the early 1950s. Submariner watch, and then with time, the look has been modified and updated many times, such as coating the end of the hour hand with luminous paint to distinguish the hour and minute hands, adding crown shoulder guards, or improving the waterproof performance To 300 meters, the Submariner watch has added Rolex’s iconic convex lens calendar display window. Today, the use of the Submariner is no longer limited to the ocean. With its excellent performance and appearance design, this professional timepiece has become a classic watch suitable for land and underwater, regardless of any occasion. It has been favored all over the world. Cousins sought after.

The left is the new 126610lv; the right is the old 116610LV

This time, the new Submariner series has changed in size, and the diameter of the watch has increased by 1 mm compared with the old model’s 40 mm and has become a size of 41 mm. This new green water ghost still uses a whole piece of solid oyster steel to form a middle oyster case, which is durable and highly corrosion-resistant.

The left is the new 126610lv; the right is the old 116610LV

There is a screw-in crown on the other side of the watch, and the crown logo of Rolex logo is engraved on the top, and the three dots below represent that the crown has a triple buckle and triple waterproof system. Easy to adjust. The crown is firmly screwed to the case, making the watch water-resistant to a depth of 300 meters. The change on this side of the matter is the crown shoulder guard. Rolex has adjusted the new shoulder guard to be narrower. We can see this from the comparison chart, but it could be more apparent. Best replica watches review.

The left is the new 126610lv; the right is the old 116610LV

Due to the increase in the size of the new Submariner series watches, the interval between the lugs has also become more extensive, from the original 19mm to 21mm, and the design of the lugs is also narrower. Although the overall size of the watch has increased by 1 mm, it also benefited from the fact that Rolex modified the size of the crown shoulder guard and the narrow design of the lugs. From the picture alone, the watch has not changed. There are apparent visual changes; only a slight difference in size can be seen.

After reading the changes in the case, let’s take a look at the outer ring. The green unidirectional rotating 60-minute scale outer ring of the new Green Water Ghost is still made of ceramics. The ceramic material is scratch-resistant and will not be affected by the environment. The molded scales and numbers on the outer ring are coated with platinum with PVD coating technology, and there is a “night pearl” at noon. The pit pattern design of the outer ring is convenient for divers to quickly grasp and adjust to set the diving time even if they wear gloves.

The left is the new 126610lv; the right is the old 116610LV

The new Green Water Ghost adopts a black dial design to restore the original color of the original Green Water Ghost. Still, the black dial is also the most controversial part of the new model since it was released. Netizens think that the black and green color scheme has been released for many years since the 50th-anniversary model of the first generation was released in 2003, and now this color scheme design is even more novel.

The other parts of the watch face have not undergone significant changes, and the iconic Mercedes-Benz hands with round and rectangular hour markers are still classic and charming. There is a double anti-reflective convex lens at the 3 o’clock position of the dial to enlarge the calendar display window, and a small crown is added under the rectangular hour markers at 6 o’clock to represent the new movement used in the new watch.

Divers need to read the time accurately underwater, which is a matter of life and death for them, and Rolex has always done an excellent job in this regard. Covered with Chromalight luminous paint, the picture shows the natural glowing effect of the watch, which emits a long-lasting blue light in a dark environment.

Rolex equips the new Green Water Ghost with an oyster-style three-compartment solid link strap. The surface of the belt is frosted, and the edges are polished, which is consistent with the effect of the case, which highlights the watch’s integrity from the visual impact. Because the distance between the lugs of the new model has changed, the strap links have also been adjusted accordingly, which means that the links of the latest and old swiss models are different.

The bracelet has a folding Oyster safety clasp and an extension system that gradually extends by about 2 mm per grid up to a maximum of about 20 mm. Under the screw-in Oyster steel bottom cover, it is the most significant change of the new Submariner series watches except for the appearance. The new series of Submariner series watches are equipped with Rolex’s new 32-series movement. The water ghost is fitted with a Rolex 3235 self-winding mechanical perpetual movement. The new campaign has been dramatically improved in accuracy and reliability, power reserve, shock resistance and anti-magnetic, etc., significantly since the dynamic account has been increased from 48 hours of the old model to 70 hours. , It has reached the level of the weekend watch. When I go home on Friday, I will take off the look and let it sit still. I don’t need to adjust when I go out on Monday morning. I put it on and go. This is my favorite part of the new movement.

In fact, for this most anticipated new watch, there are mixed opinions from all walks of life because I also prefer the all-green color of the old model. Today, I still remember going to school. When I saw the old green water ghost for the first time, I didn’t feel the unique feeling of the new model. Still, I also saw the black and green color scheme again after many years, so I thought that the new model looked It is more novel; after all, the old green water ghost is too famous and familiar, just like what I said above, in a nutshell, radish and green vegetables have their preferences. The new green water ghost will also be sought after because of this novel texture. Judging from the current popularity of the market, this is indeed the case.

Series: Submariner
Band Width: 20mm
Model: 16610LV
Gender: Men’s
Case Color: Silver-tone
Dial Color: Black Dial
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Brand: Rolex

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