The Final Version Of The Red And Black Cola Circle, Fake Rolex Watches

GMT-Master II Ref.16710 was produced from 1990 to 2007. It is the second generation of GMT-Master II. It is equipped with Cal.3185 and the late Cal.3186. The bezels are black, red-black, red-blue, and red. Blue was added midway through 1999. In addition, the red and black Coke ring completely disappeared from the Rolex production line after the production of Ref. 16710 was discontinued. With the recent emergence of various new models, it has attracted more and more attention. The next thing to share is the GMT-Master II Ref. 16710, produced in 1991. That year, it was an early model with a tritium luminous single buckle that was very popular as a quasi-antique watch. The watch’s serial number starts with the letter N (corresponding to the 1991 year), and the bezel is a red and black cola ring. Fake rolex watches.

Looking back at the GMT-Master II series produced after Ref. 16760, Ref. 16710 in the early 1990s is the most attractive with its red and black circle with tritium luminous single buckle. Collectors playing with watches for a long time must know that Ref. 16710 has been more popular with a black bezel until the end of production. The bezel alone was relatively easy to buy in the past, so many were replaced with black. Watches with bezels, but now, because the current GMT does not have a red and black bezel, the red and black bezel attracts more attention. Swiss replica watches.

Next, let’s look at the dial of Ref. 16710. The tritium’s luminous light has faded into a beautiful cream color, making the overall look like an antique watch. Due to the paint, many dials will have small bumpy particles in this era. The one in the picture is in good condition. Although you can still see minor scratches with a magnifying glass, these details can be ignored. Many of the luminous hands will be replaced by Super Lunminovo (a luminous paint that has been discontinued after tritium luminous). The second hand used in the initial period remains in its original state without replacement.

There are almost no severe polishing marks on the watch case. The degree of polishing looks like it was only slightly polished once. Keeping it in its original condition when encountering similar situations is recommended.

The black part of the bezel has faded a little, but the red part remains bright. Some data say that the original bezel numbers of this era were serifed, but the editor believes that the bezel without serifs is the original bezel. I checked at that time. The brochures and catalogs of the Japan Watch Import Association will also find that the fonts on the bezel need to be serifed. This part that deserves further study is also one of Rolex’s charms. The bezel also has no obvious polish like the case, and touching the gears with your fingers may even feel slightly painful.

The 20mm hard strap of the 78360 straps with the number 501B. The connecting parts of the strap are not loose. The buckle code is R. There is a slight difference in the year; the single buckle is also beautiful. Not limited to Ref.16710, sports models of this era will have substantial individual differences in the changes in the dial over the years. Some tritium luminous colors change color, and some do not change color. The discoloration will also have various effects. The dial is also due to the paint. The reason is that small bumpy particles are often produced. The tritium luminous light of Ref.16710 shared this time has turned into a beautiful cream color with uniform color. The dial is clean, the dot at the tip of the second hand and the single buckle of the strap (both Ref. .16710 features of early models) represent the 1990s, and the design is charming.

Series: Gmt Master Ii
Case Color: Silver-tone
Model: 16710COKE
Band Color: Silver-tone
Brand: Rolex
Case Size: 40mm
Band Width: 20mm
Gender: Men’s

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