Rolex New Oyster Constant Motion Cheap Rolex Replica Deep Dive Model

At Basel 2018, Rolex unveiled the new Oyster Perpetual cheap Rolex replica Deep Dive, featuring a 44mm diameter stainless steel case with a redesigned lug and outer case, a wide oyster strap, and a matching oyster insurance discount. The ears and outside of the case have been redesigned with a wide Oyster band and a size-matching Oyster insurance discount. This professional diving watch is equipped with 3235 movements for the first time, fully reflecting the excellent watchmaking process of Rolex.

Rolex Deep diving type for the exploration of the deep sea necessary diving watch; its Oyster case can withstand high-pressure environments without affecting the size and thickness of the watch. The resulting Ringlock system is a patented case structure that allows the cheap Rolex replica submersible to withstand the heavy water pressure of the deep ocean. The Ringlock system consists of three parts: a 5.5-mm thick arched blue crystal mirror, a solid nitrogen alloy stainless steel ring in the middle case between the mirror and the bottom cover, and a bottom cover made of Oyster steel and grade 5 titanium alloy.

  • Three waterproof rings in the three-lock chain crown tighten the case like a submarine door to ensure perfect waterproof performance.

The Oyster strap of the cheap Rolex replica Submersible is equipped with an Oyster buckle to prevent the hook from opening accidentally. A dual extension system also allows the diver to wear a diving suit up to 7 millimeters thick comfortably. The patented Rolex Glidelock device extends the strap by 2mm per measure to a maximum of about 20mm, thanks to a toothed design underneath the buckle. The Oyster discount extension system extends the band of the Rolex submersible by 26mm. The extension system and buckle size have been adjusted to match the wideband design.

The side of the case is equipped with a helium exhaust valve, developed and patented by Rolex in 1967, which helps protect the diving watch essential for exploring the deep. During decompression by the diver in the high-pressure chamber, the helium discharge valve allows the gas accumulated in the case to be discharged. Deep diving activities must be reliable and safe, so each cheap Rolex replica deep diving type must pass Rolex strict diving watch waterproof test.

  • The Rolex deep submersible is equipped with a one-way rotating outer ring, fitted with a black Cerachrom 60-minute calibration word ring, allowing the diver to control the diving and decompression time at the bottom of the sea to ensure diving safety. The dial is a gradual blue dial, from shallow to deep, symbolizing the change of light on the seabed.

The new Rolex Deep-dive watch is equipped with a new generation of 3235 movements, entirely developed and manufactured by cheap Rolex replica, fully reflecting Rolex’s innovative technology and excellent watchmaking process. And this automatic chain movement is improved to the best in accuracy and reliability, power reserve, seismic antimagnetic, and convenient use of all aspects. This movement is equipped with Rolex’s new patented Chronergy escapement system. The new escapement system is made of nickel and phosphorus, which is efficient, reliable, and immune to magnetic field interference. The balance wheel spring component is the heart part of the replica watch and is equipped with Rolex blue Parachrom spring. The gauze is made of a unique paramagnetic alloy cast by Rolex and is ten times more earthquake-resistant than traditional gossamer. The Rolex ends to ensure that the gossamer remains regular in any position.

Model:116660 – D-Blue
Case size:44 MM
Case material:Steel
Bracelet material:Steel (Oyster)
Dial type:Black & Blue
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