Fully Upgraded Rolex New Greenwich Ii Replica Store Online Watch

Rolex has unveiled its new Greenwich II watch at this year’s Baselworld Watch and Jewellery fair, featuring a new 3285 movement and a redesigned look. The first new replica store online watch is an Oyster steel model with an Oyster case and commemorative band and a red and blue Cerachrom ceramic 24-hour dial on the bidirectional rotating outer ring. The other two new Greenwich II models are cast for the first time in 18ct Eternal rose gold with brown and black Cerachrom ceramic rings.

It is one of the three gold eternal rose gold, using a 40 mm Oyster case, bezel, and bracelet in Eternal Rose gold material.

With an Eternal Rose Gold crown, the Greenwich II replica store online watch is waterproof to 100 meters, but the three points in the height mean it is also waterproof to 300 meters. Rolex has developed a spring coil rotation system so that the coil is smooth and reliable and can rotate in both directions; every 24 hours after each position will emit a clear click sound.

Gold watch chain polished smooth

In addition to the traditional hour, minute, and second hands that tell the time at the wearer’s location, the Greenwich II is equipped with an arrowhead-shaped 24-hour hand, a bidirectional rotating outer ring, and a colored Cerachrom ceramic 24-hour dial. When the outer ring is at the 12 o ‘clock position indicated by the triangular marker, the 24-hour hand shows the departure time (e.g., home time), which it can read from the opposite outer ring scale.

The new 3285 movement, comprising ten patents, reflects Rolex’s innovative technology and top watchmaking process. In the accuracy and reliability, power reserve, seismic antimagnetic, and convenient use of all aspects, 3285 movements are further improved from the original to the best. This movement is equipped with Rolex’s new patented Chronergy escapement system. The new escapement system is made of nickel and phosphorus, which is efficient, reliable, and immune to magnetic field interference. The spring balance wheel assembly is the heart part of the replica store online watch and is equipped with a blue Parachrom spring. The gauze is cast from Rolex’s unique paramagnetic alloy. It is not disturbed by the magnetic field, and its seismic resistance is ten times higher than traditional gossamer. The Rolex end ring ensures that the gossamer can operate regularly in any position. The 3285 movements are equipped with an automatic chain-up assembly connected to the chain by a constant swing. The new construction of the clockwork box and the efficiency of the superior escapement system increased the power reserve of the Type 3285 movement to approximately 70 hours.

As with all Rolex best replica watches, each Greenwich II is certified as an Excellent Observatory Precision timepiece. This unique designation demonstrates that the replica store online watch has successfully passed a series of Rolex LABS tests, and its standards are beyond the norms and means of the watchmaking industry. The watch is only tested after assembly to ensure that the watch can play a superior performance when worn.

Range:GMT Master II
Case size:40 MM
Case material:Steel
Bracelet material:Steel (Oyster)
Dial type:Black
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