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Rolex Datejust “Palme d’Or”

The log type DATEJUST is the most conventional and everyday watch in Rolex. Since the take-off of Rolex sports models, Rolex’s popular imitation watches have been “monopolized” by sports labor, making the journal look entirely satisfactory and mediocre for many years.

Rolex Datejust “Green Palm”

But last year, things took a turn. In 2021, Rolex launched the 126200 “Green Palm” log type with a 36mm steel case and polished ring. The green dial was originally a famous Rolex. This time, the green dial and the green leaf pattern were added. This watch instantly became the most important topic at that time. Let’s not talk about whether to buy it or not. Nicknamed “Leek Plate” and “Green Leek.” The diary type, which has always been calm, suddenly became “branched.”

After the popularity of the log type was raised by the “green palm,” Rolex immediately followed up and launched the log type “palm leaf” in other colors. Including “Silver Palm” and “Golden Palm.”

What Rolex plays is the disk.

The watch dial is an essential part of playing Rolex. In addition to the various patterns of modern Rolex dials, it includes oxidation, discoloration, cracks, and font details on antique ones. Due to the brand concept of Rolex, the watch’s function and the case’s shape are basically “locked” and will not change much. You said to make a complicated function, but Rolex does not have it; Rolex cannot specify it to make it ultra-thin, hollow, and calm. Therefore, Rolex’s changes and highlights are concentrated on the dial and bezel.

Rolex Datejust, computer face.

Rolex Datejust, water ripple, and diamonds.

Not to mention, look at the journal type DATEJUST. In addition to the regular dial, there is green dill, a computer surface, a cloth pattern surface, water ripples, pyramids, petals, 69 Roman characters with diamonds, etc., which is not tiger eye—gemstones such as lapis lazuli, and mother-of-pearl shell dials. In the journal DJ, if you want to stand out and be different, you need a unique dial. The new “Green Leaf” and “Golden Leaf” have done it.

Rolex Datejust, lapis lazuli dial.

Rolex Datejust, malachite dial.

How about the Rolex “Palme d’Or”?

The hands-on effect of Rolex’s “Golden Palm” exceeded my expectations. Whether “green leaf” or “golden leaf,” Rolex is 36mm. Rolex Datejust Men’s Watch, 41 mm and 36 mm in two sizes. I have worn a 41mm diamond 126333 and a 36mm DJ for a long time, and the size was too small at first.

After getting started, the 36mm “Golden Palm” does not look small. The golden disk and the 18K gold dog tooth ring are connected into a gleaming piece. It doesn’t matter if the gold watch (including inter-gold) is smaller because 18K gold is eye-catching and has a strong sense of presence on the wrist. The “Golden Palm” looks golden from a distance but is layered up close.

The surface of the “Palme d’Or” is lovely.

The diary-shaped “Golden Palm” is printed with a layer of gold leaf pattern on the golden radial disc surface of the regular version of DJ. The lower layer is the radial pattern, and the upper layer is the golden leaf, suppressing the radial design. The golden leaves have two colors, the leaves on the upper half of the disk are darker, and the lower half is lighter. The deep and shallow leaves cross each other, and the layering is intense. As soon as the light enters the dial, the gold background with radial patterns and golden leaves is very fancy but not messy, and the leaves are distinct. The complex dial has dramatically improved the appearance and luxury of the original log type, which is relatively plain.

Except for the multi-disc pattern, the ‘Golden Palm’ is the same as the regular version of the 36mm gold journal 126233. Using long luminous hour markers, the bracelet’s bezel, crown, and middle are 18K gold. This watch is equipped with an Oyster strap and an Oyster buckle. The height has a screw-in lock, and the look is water-resistant to 100 meters. While highlighting the luxury of formal wear, it also considers specific sports attributes, which can be formal or casual and can be eaten by one replica watch store.

The log-type crown has a screw-in lock and is water-resistant to 100 meters.

The Oyster bracelet and Oyster buckle are used by the “Palme d’Or.”

The “Palme d’Or” log type uses Rolex’s new generation 3235 automatic movement. You are already very familiar with the seventy hours of power, certified by the Super Observatory, with a daily error of +2/-2 seconds. The new Chronergy escapement improves the operation efficiency of the movement; the blue niobium hairspring maintains outstanding anti-magnetic ability. It has been seven years since Rolex launched a new generation of 32 series movements in 2015, and it has passed the test of time. The small crown in the middle of SWISS MADE at 6 o’clock on the dial is a sign of using the new 32 series movement (some early watches, although using the 32 series movement, did not have a slight crown printed on the dial, but now they are all printed).

Rolex 3235 automatic movement

The Rolex “Palme d’Or” is the “cheapest.”

Rolex’s “leaf disc” now has “green palm,” “golden palm,” and “silver palm.” At present, “Green Palm” and “Golden Palm” are the main ones (silver palms are relatively rare). “Green Palm” and “Golden Palm” have different configurations, such as an Oyster chain, five-bead chain, aperture, and dog teeth.

Gender: Men’s
Series: Day-Date
Model: m118348-0037
Brand: Rolex
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Band Width: 20mm
Dial Color: Champagne Jubilee Dial
Case Size: 36mm
Band Length: 18cm

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