Detailed Explanation Of The Rolex Replica Milsub Military Water Ghost Customized By The British Military

It is not the first time that Rolex has customized military watches for the British Ministry of Defense. It has also produced 6200, 6538, and other models in history. In the 1970s, the British Ministry of Defense customized military water ghosts to Rolex based on the 5513 water ghosts, named Military Submariner (MilSub for short). The British Ministry of Defense ordered 1,200 pieces that year, but these antique diving watches are correctly kept. There are only 120 to 180 in the world out of ten. Today we will talk about the story of the Rolex replica MilSub water ghost.

In the 1960s, the British Ministry of Defense had a greater demand for more durable and eye-catching military fake Rolex watches, so they asked Omega to order a batch of seahorse diving watches for the civil reform army, which is the so-called MOD standard diving watch, the so-called MOD standard:

  1. Weld the thick bar to assemble the Nato strap
  2. It must be equipped with a striking luminous sword needle
  3. Use tritium luminous and mark the T icon dial
  4. The British military code and MOD military code are engraved on the back cover
  5. More durable German silver material outer ring and 60 minutes full-scale ring

By the end of the 1960s, the Royal Navy decided that every ship should be equipped with divers who could perform simple underwater engineering tasks and routine hull inspections. These divers are trained as Counter Tactical Submarine (TAS) divers. This rapid expansion of Navy diving capabilities meant that equipment had to be standardized across the different branch units. Therefore, the British Ministry of Defense wanted to establish its standard for diving watches rather than a modified version of Omega by the Civil Reform Army. So they turned to Rolex again; they wanted to be based on Rolex’s 5513 but needed to add a lot of unique features; the British Ministry of Defense has learned from Omega, requiring that first these new 5513 Rolex must be manufactured in a factory in Switzerland, in the factory according to MOD It is necessary to complete all the modifications instead of the local dealers in the UK. Whether it is the dial or the engraving on the back of the case, it is completed before leaving the factory, delivered according to the specifications and requirements of the Ministry of Defense, and according to the issue quantity list given by MOD is engraved with numbers and delivered in batches.

Because the British military disliked the quality of Omega, the requirements for this batch of military water ghosts with MOD specifications were stringent. They were sent to Rolex after production and testing in Switzerland. After the second inspection of the British headquarters, it is sent to the British Naval Observatory for testing. Only if it passes the test of accuracy and its waterproof ability the British Naval Observatory will pass the inspection on these batches. Rolex issued a document certificate. Only after obtaining these certificates can they be delivered to the British military. This batch of Rolex has a birth certificate invoice and an observatory document certification. The British army Sends each watch to a specific military branch, all eyes have a particular number, and the Ministry of Defense has detailed documents indicating the whereabouts of the look.

The British Ministry of Defense asked Rolex to order MilSub for eight years, from 1971 to 1979, and the total number was about 1,200. The vast majority were delivered to the Royal Navy, about 100 were given to the Royal Engineers of the British Army by their divers, and a small number were given to the helicopter pilots of the British Army. In addition, about ten watches were provided to the Iranian Navy in 1974 because the Iranian Navy was very envious when they saw the Rolex of the British instructor and the Shah of Iran waved his hand. Some awards are given to the Iranian Navy’s special military equipment.

After the British military ordered Rolex, Rolex produced three MilSub water ghosts: 5513, 5517, and Double Reference 5513/5517.

5513 is the earliest model of these three models customized for the British military. The production cycle is from 1972 to 1978, and the serial number of the military version is between 3,200,000 and 3,900,000. 5513 not only has an arrangement with a full 60-minute scale outer ring and a sword needle. But for example, in the picture on the right, there is also a Mercedes-Benz needle with a 15-minute scale outer ring, almost the same configuration as the civilian version. Because the military-made version is logically a large sword needle and a 60-minute full-circle scale, many watch friends question it. Authenticity.

Double Reference 5513/5517 is the rarest of these three models. The production cycle was from 1977 to 1979. It is the second appearance of these three models. The serial number of the military model is about 3,900,000. At that time, the total production of this model was at most 180, and now no more than 20 originals survive. Because 5513 is written on the back cover and 5517 is on the lugs, it is called Double Reference 5513/5517.

5517 This is a fully standardized British military Rolex version, the latest of the three models, produced between 1977 and 1979. Serial numbers are between 5,200,000 and 5,300,000. 5517 engraved on the body between the lugs. After decades of ups and downs, there will be a maximum of a few dozen.

The MilSub produced between 1972 and 1979 can be classified into four different dials. One of the most distinguishing features of different versions is that the “T” of 5513 is on the upper left of “=,” while the “T” of 5517 is on the” =” directly above. Pay attention to the rectangular scale’s design; you can also see the difference between “Serif” and “Non-Serif.” The four corners of the former scale have protruding truncation lines, while the latter does not. In the “Smudge Crown” version, the crown logo design is more irregular. The “Maxi MK 1” dial has larger dot scales and the most conspicuous luminous light.

There are also many contents on the back cover. First, look at the first line of numbers. The first part is the military number 0552, the whole number of the SBS Navy (Special Boat Service), and W10 is the SAS (Special Air Service) Army number. Air Force particular number. Behind the service code is the MOD NATO standard number. Look again at the last line for Worn Soldiers Code/Year of Delivery.

There is nothing to say about the movement. It is equipped with the same 1520 movement as the civilian version 5513. Although 1520 is a lot shabby compared to other 15 series movements, it is durable and suitable for soldiers to work.

There was an employee of Rolex named Harry Hudson, who later became the General Manager of British Rolex. This buddy kept the serial number or bottom number of each MilSub and other information and issued official certification documents according to the requirements of MilSub collectors. It was not until Harry Hudson retired in 2011 that the service ended sadly. MilSub with Hudson paper has the highest level and is most recognized by collectors. The value can peak if it is a wholly original and dated MilSub, with W10 serial number, Ref. 5517, and Hudson paper.

The history of Rolex’s military and exceptional watches profoundly shows that Rolex is a watch, a tool, and carries a period of history.

Band Length: 18cm
Brand: Rolex
Series: Submariner
Model: 5513
Gender: Men’s
Band Color: Silver-tone
Movement: Automatic

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