Replica Rolex Daytona Is Inlaid With Gemstones

As an emerging fashion brand, AET REMOULD has always been famous for its unique design and advanced watchmaking technology in watch modification. Recently, they have launched a series of new products. What differs from the past is that they are no longer limited to dial and material transformation. Still, with the help of precious gemstones, they have brought refreshing jewelry watches.

There are six new products named “Genesis Series.” Among them, the one inlaid with blue gemstones was launched first, and the other five models are new products. Their bezels are inlaid with purple, green, yellow, pink, and orange gems. The names of the watches are also combined with color characteristics and materials. One Ceramic”. Replica rolex.

The most attractive part of these new AET REMOULD products is the circle of gemstones on the bezel. The picture shows 36 rocks in total, showing a complete sense of luxury. Whether for the brand or the craftsman, gem setting is a delicate and complicated process because each gem’s size, thickness, and cutting angle must be consistent to fit perfectly with the bezel. AET REMOULD claims that they have experienced gem artisans who can ensure that the rocks are set in the correct position.

In addition, six gemstones of different colors also bring different perceptions and meanings. For example, blue is clear; green is fresh; orange is vibrant; pink is romantic; purple is charming; yellow is brilliant, and so on. It is reported that these are natural gemstones. In addition to their unique beauty, they also symbolize the evolution and eternal meaning of the earth’s crust, which is very consistent with the name of the series “Genesis.” Rolex replicas for sale.

Although the design of the dial is straightforward, only the color difference enriches the visual perception, and its color is consistent with the light of the gemstone, which brings a more integrated experience. Whether it is the color matching of the dial or ensuring the uniform color of each rock, this is a science. AET REMOULD pay great attention to the presentation of details.

In terms of materials, this series uses the brand’s characteristics – high-tech precision ceramics. First of all, the ceramic material of AET REMOULD is not simply polished but a combination of a satin-brushed and smooth polishing process, which brings a layered visual and tactile experience. Secondly, the white ceramic material is pure, and no impurities can create a perfect texture.

According to the official introduction of AET REMOULD, their ceramic materials have experienced 2000 bar high pressure and high-temperature treatment above 1500 °C during firing, so they have higher hardness. They have studied for many years and specially developed diamond cutting tools and six-axis linkage CNC to overcome the technical challenges of ceramic hardness and easy cracking. Not only that, the addition of unique plasma technology has further improved the creation of ceramic materials.

This series of watches’ ceramic case and straps have a profound aesthetic feeling and a warm wearing feeling. High-end watches have always favored ceramic material because of its high hardness, lightweight, scratch resistance, anti-oxidation, anti-allergic and other characteristics; some watch lovers and collectors also have a soft spot for ceramic materials.

The AET REMOULD Genesis series perfectly interweaves luxury, nobility, and color aesthetics with its unique design concept and exquisite craftsmanship. It also adheres to the principle of limited edition, with only three pieces for each style. This is a time tool and more like a story about evolution and eternity because time is a splendid miracle.

Band Width: 20mm
Model: 116589
Series: Daytona
Band Color: Blue-tone
Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s
Movement: Automatic

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