Buying A Watch Is The Way To Get Rich? Noob Replica Rolex

These two Daytonas are precious metal styles rarely seen in ordinary times. Let me talk about Ice Landi first. It is the Rolex graduation-style Daytona that many watch friends dream of. A brown-colored circle design is adopted for the ceramic bezel. Noob replica rolex.

But unlike the ordinary time scale version, our colleague’s Ice Landi is a diamond-engraved version, model m116506-0002. Compared with the ordinary Ice Landi, it only uses trapezoidal bar diamonds and square diamonds as time scales, and the black outer ring of the timing sub-dial is changed to pure ice blue.

Let’s look at Lu Jindi again. Ice Landi and Rainbow Di are said to be the graduation models in the dreams of cousins. Still, Lu Jin Di can be regarded as the most popular precious metal style Daytona on the market because it is like Ice Landi or Rainbow Di, which is good, but the problem is that it is too expensive, and the entry threshold is too high. Performance has also been somewhat weak.

And Rolex watches are very hot in the market if stained green. Not to mention the green Jindi, Rolex uses 18ct gold to make replica watches. 18ct gold is an alloy containing 750‰ (thousandths) of pure gold, plus accurate proportions of silver and platinum.

But to be honest, the performance of Daytona in the secondary market in the past two years due to supply problems can be said to be too crazy.

From Rolex Daytona’s first model, 6239, the retained speed measuring outer ring design, and the chronograph button lock handle after returning from 6263, it is also the first Daytona to use the Oyster case. Sixteen thousand five hundred twenty established the appearance of modern Daytona design and was equipped with crown shoulders for the first time. With the commercially available Daytona 116500 launch, the last upgrade has also been completed, and the ceramic bezel has been replaced. Of course, there is also an upgrade to replace the 4130 self-produced movements.

So if you want to tell why Daytona is so famous, this series of upgrades makes the essential quality of the watch itself hard enough, coupled with high recognition and added value of the brand, so it is sought after by watch lovers worldwide.

Series: Daytona
Case Color: Yellow Gold-Tone
Dial Color: Green Dial
Model: m116508-0013
Movement: Automatic
Gender: Men’s
Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
Band Color: Gold-tone
Brand: Rolex

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