Markⅰ’s Scarlet Letter Water Ghost 1680, Replica Rolex Watches

The production period of the first generation Submariner, Ref. 1680, was from 1969 to 1979. Before 1975, the dial had a red model LOGO called [Red Letter Water Ghost or Single Red Water Ghost]. After that, it had a red model LOGO. It is the same white letter LOGO as now. [Red Letter Water Ghost] has six types of dials. The first three are the early dials of [meter first], and the last are late dials. These have also been mentioned before as one of the representatives of antique Rolex; the [Scarlet Submariner] is very popular worldwide due to its high reputation. In recent years, as the number of replica watches has decreased, their scarcity has also been increasing yearly. Among them, the early [meter first] 】Dials (MarkⅠ~MarkⅢ) are rare. MarkⅠ dials only account for about 2% of the “Red Letter Water Ghost,” which is a rare watch. The following introduction is the SUBMARINER Ref. 1680, produced in 1969, and the year happened to be the early stage of its production. It is a rare Mark I dial [Red Letter Water Ghost]. By the way, the obvious way to distinguish MarkⅠ from other early dials is to look at its waterproof Mark. The uppermost horizontal line of the letter [f] in MarkⅠ is longer, which is abbreviated as [LONG F], and the number [6] is written as a closed abbreviation of [LONG F]. CLOSE SIX]. Replica rolex watches.

Next, please look at the Mark I dial in the picture. The changes in tritium luminous paint over the years make bright paint color look great, and you can feel the age at a glance. For some reason, most luminous fading on the dial of [meter first] is not very strong. The color in the picture should be relatively rare. Observation with a magnifying glass will reveal some minor damage, but these are entirely invisible to the naked eye so they can be considered in good condition. The bezel also looks good. The thick and robust Mark III bezel matches the [Red Water Ghost] well. Although there are some minor scratches, the slightly gray color looks very antique. [Red Letter Water Ghost] There are many individuals with out-of-date bezels. If a later bezel is installed, the atmosphere will be significantly reduced. The watch case in the picture has been polished many times and looks thin overall. Due to this effect, its price is relatively more cost-effective than the ordinary Mark I. Swiss replica watches store.

The strap is a 9315 folding bracelet with the number 280. The belt is compact and robust, with almost no slack. The buckle number is 1st issue in 1968, within the age error range. Due to its age, the scratches on the buckle are very obvious when the picture of the clip is enlarged, but this part can be ignored. The number of [Red Letter Water Ghost] is decreasing yearly. If it is a later dial after Mark IV, and you don’t care much about the condition and date, it is still easier to find and buy it. However, it is different when it becomes [meter first]. Due to its scarcity, it can be encountered but not sought. Among them, Mark Ⅰ is the most popular, and many collectors regard it as a dream watch that cannot be obtained.

Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Case Thickness: 15mm
Brand: Rolex
Model: 116610LN
Gender: Men’s
Case Color: Silver-tone
Series: Submariner

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