Gold In The Watchmaking Industry, Best Rolex Replica

Do you know Gold well? Not that much. Because the key to all problems lies in the non-gold components in the alloy, Gold has been the material of choice for goldsmiths since 5000 BC. Golden yellow is like sunlight and has excellent corrosion resistance to maintain its actual color for a long time. At the same time, Gold is soft and malleable, with high density and sufficient weight. Finally, it can be polished to give it a dazzling shine. In the watchmaking industry, Gold does not usually appear in pure form, that is, 24K pure gold. Instead, Gold is often mixed with other materials to create an 18K alloy, which contains 75% pure gold. The remaining 25% is the key, making everything different, including color and attributes.

Rolex eternal rose gold

First, let’s talk about color. White Gold is doped with light-colored metals such as palladium and silver to obtain a light gray luster. But in the mixture, most of it is still yellow. Therefore, almost all brands maintain their grayscale with the help of rhodium plating finishes. Chopard is an exception. This brand uses a special alloy without coating. This alloy is doped with a large amount of palladium and is smelted at the Chopard factory near Geneva. Best rolex replica.

Chopard L.U.C Full Strike minute repeater non-rhodium-plated white K gold watch (model: 161947-1001)

Then there are warm colors, which have to mention the concept of Ns. Each N represents 5% of the remaining 25% of the gold alloy. These NSs rely on copper for color and silver for mass. 1N does not exist but will be yellow; 2N is yellow Gold; 3N contains more copper, making the tone warmer. 4N is total rose Gold; 5N is sometimes called red Gold, but it is pink.

IWC Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch “Le Petit Prince” Special Edition (Model: IW392202)

Copper doesn’t go away as it’s responsible for creating the hue. Other Ns will make a difference as they are only sometimes made of silver. For example, Rolex uses platinum to make Everose Gold, which improves Gold’s resistance to oxidation and color stability and increases its perceived value. This is the same formula as Hublot’s King Gold, and OMEGA’s Sedna gold is also made similarly, except that the doped element is replaced by palladium.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak “Frost Gold” 41mm Watch (Model: 15410BC.GG.1224BC.01)

However, it is not just the composition that determines the properties of an alloy; other factors make metallurgy an actual science. For example, IWC’s Hard Gold, by studying the particle size and melting conditions of Gold, the brand successfully created a new material that is 5-10 times harder than traditional 18K gold. As early as the early 2010s, A. Lange & Söhne and Chanel made similar attempts, and the results were Honey Gold and Beige Gold, respectively. Gold is a relatively soft metal easily sandblasted, engraved, and retouched in between, such as the “Frosted Gold” hammered by Audemars Piguet. Franck muller replica.

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold Watch (Model: 402.MX.0138.WR)

Of course, the remaining 25% doesn’t necessarily have to be made of metal. 18K Gold must contain 75% gold, but the remaining 25% provides room for innovation. It all starts with Hublot and its patented Magic Gold, made by injecting molten metal into a porous ceramic body. On the positive side, this gives Gold the scratch-resistant properties of ceramics; on the negative side, the color of Magic Gold needs to be brighter, limiting its more comprehensive application. There are always plenty of innovative attempts inside and outside the industry. It is reported that researchers at ETH Zurich have used plastic to create a new type of 18K gold. Will this material be introduced into the luxury goods industry in the future? Let us wait and see.

Band Length: 18cm
Band Width: 20mm
Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s
Model: 118205
Band Color: Rose Gold-tone
Case Thickness: 12mm
Series: Day-Date

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