Let Me Give You Some Color: The Best Replica Watches In The World

The first impression brought by the “first look” will always affect our subsequent judgment. On watches, the “surface” has also become an area where major watch brands have put more effort into design. Let’s take a look. It’s colorful. Among all watch surfaces, which color surfaces can attract you? If you were to choose a watch, what color would you choose?

Rolex has more than one green color.

Speaking of color, the color of the Rolex Submariner has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts and left a profound impression on everyone. But the color of Rolex’s dial (formally speaking) is not limited to that kind of green. The green of “green glass” and the green of “green water ghost” are Rolex’s date-type watches whose dial material is turquoise. It is the following watch that redefines Rolex’s “green.” The best replica watches in the world.

Rolex Day-Date 36 watch

Many people have asked, are you sure this is green? Natural turquoise is classified as a semi-precious stone in modern gemstone identification classification. It is a water and copper-aluminum phosphate mineral and is a phosphate mineral. The genuine turquoise craft’s name is “turquoise,” so named because its shape resembles a pine cone and its color is almost pine green. Like sapphires and emeralds, which are also divided into many different colors, turquoise is named after green and is visually closer to the “blue” color. It is also because the natural formation process of turquoise will produce different shapes of green veins, giving each dial a unique style.

Piaget POLO series, more vibrant green

Piaget POLO series G0A44001 watch

The combination of lines and colors is an eternal theme in dial design. The linear design can quickly create an extremely formal atmosphere, but if the color of the dial is changed to a more vibrant green, the entire watch will have a unique charm. The Piaget POLO series has always given us an elegant urban feel, but this new model with a green dial is instantly eye-catching. Give urban life more vitality and more excitement.

Blue is not synonymous with melancholy.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15500ST.OO.1220ST.01 watch

“Write a letter and tell me what color the sea is today and the mood of the sea that accompanies you every night. Gray means you don’t want to say it, and blue means melancholy.” Zhang Huimei’s “Listening to the Sea” has made many people understand the color blue and intensely labeled the impression of melancholy. In psychological research, blue represents melancholy and depression in a certain sense. However, in the dial design, blue represents an elegant and formal situation. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series blue dial has always been the most famous watch. Not just because it is Royal Oak, blue is more versatile in life and better reflects the wearer’s temperament. Franck muller replica.

Black and white, really classic

Chanel J12 series watches

When it comes to color, black and white are two colors that can never be ignored. Black is defined as the absence of visible light entering the visual range, as opposed to white, which is all light within the visible spectrum simultaneously entering the optical range. Black and white form the basis for our initial understanding of the world. Night and day are also the colors we use to distinguish time. Chanel has the most say in paying tribute to the classic black and white. Especially in the brand’s iconic J12 series, Chanel’s ability to interpret the charm of black and white is best reflected—extreme black and pure white. If many things in life could be as pure as black and white, maybe life would be much simpler.

Gold is a very substantial color.

The Tudor Biwan series watches

To be precise, gold does not belong to a large category of colors. It is a color that generally presents a deep yellow metallic texture. Among watchmaking materials, gold often represents the “this is expensive” and substantial color brought by precious metals such as gold and rose gold. Of course, precious metals refer to gold and include platinum, red gold, pink gold, and other colors. Many people like gold dials because they can be clearly distinguished from steel watches and are more expensive.

I can see you from a distance! Practical Vibrant Yellow

Breitling Avenger II Deep Diving Sea Wolf Watch

Sometimes, the dial color can also bring practical uses to the watch. In outdoor travel and harsh environments, conspicuous colors make reading time information more accessible for the wearer. The yellow color used on the yellow dial of the Breitling Avengers II Deep Diving Sea Wolf Watch is highly eye-catching and eye-catching. Wearing it in daily life is very eye-catching.

What a giant orange on my hand

Glashütte Original Vintage Series Watches

The gradual fiery red color looks more like a fresh and juicy orange from a distance. From the bright yellow in the center to deep red, with orange as a natural transition in the middle, it is laborious to bake such a gradient dial. But art can be challenging to achieve. Who said formal watches have to be lifeless? We still have many choices.

Cartier Blue Balloon series watch

Hot, warm, impulsive, love, red has been labeled by countless people. Chinese people especially love red. Red represents people’s longing for future life. Red is used when getting married and during the Spring Festival. Even in the watch’s design, the Chinese limited edition uses red as the leading tone. Red represents passionate love, eternal passion, and the theme of love that people yearn for.

Band Length: 18cm
Band Width: 20mm
Case Thickness: 12mm
Series: Day-Date
Gender: Men’s
Band Color: Gold-tone
Model: m128348rbr-0037
Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic

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