Is Rolex About To Stop Producing Coke Rings? Top Swiss Replica Watches

Recently, there have been widespread rumors online and through dealer channels that Rolex is about to discontinue the production of GMT Coke Rings due to the high scrap rate of red and blue or red and black ceramic rings.

Apart from anything else, today we will examine why two-color ceramics are difficult to prepare.

Rolex is the originator of two-tone ceramic rings. Before 2013, no brand had launched a two-color ceramic component ceramic watch due to the high scrap rate and difficulty. Until Rolex launched the world’s first blue and black two-color ceramic bezel in 2013. A year later, Rolex launched a red and blue Coke ceramic bezel. Top swiss replica watches.

Although Rolex conquered the technology of mass-producing two-color ceramic bezels, according to Rolex’s high standards, the scrap rate of two-color ceramic bezels is still high, especially the red and blue cola rings.

The name of the Rolex Cerachrom ceramic ring comes from the combination of “Cera” (porcelain) and “Chrom” (color).

Rolex’s bezels do not come from the supply chain but are produced by Rolex’s parts watch factory in Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland. Because of its insistence on self-production while conquering the two-color ceramic bezel technology, it also obtained two related patents and registered the Cerachrom ceramic bezel as a trademark.

The first step in preparing a two-color ceramic bezel is to make a blank naturally. Rolex’s other color ceramic bezels are usually zirconia, but the red color-developing compound is complex to Combine with zirconium oxide; Rolex uses alumina oxide minerals to replace zirconium oxide on the red ceramic ring, mixes it with alumina micron powder, and adds adhesive The agent is heated and then injected into the mold at high pressure to allow the embryo to be formed.

The resulting wet clay is subjected to high-pressure treatment to create a word circle blank. Subsequently, heat treatment at 1000 degrees removes the adhesive, and the original ceramic ring base is obtained.

Rolex will also add chromium oxide and magnesium oxide to the initial ingredients. Chromium is a red color-causing element. The role of magnesium is to reduce transparency and increase saturation, warmth, and depth. Therefore, the first heat treatment of 1000 degrees will result in a slightly reddish-red embryo bezel.

Subsequently, it is impregnated, and the pre-blue half of the bezel is injected with a specific color-developing metal ion chemical solution so half of the bezel evenly absorbs it.

The bezel is then sintered at 1,600 degrees Celsius. This high-temperature treatment determines the final hardness and strength of the ceramic. During this process, the bezel will shrink by about 25%, and the red and blue colors will eventually develop into glaze.

Since sintering will cause shrinkage, Rolex will reserve a relatively large redundant space in advance. Rolex will eventually cut away the inside and outside of the bezel. Since the sintered ceramic is tough, only diamond-tipped tools can cut the bezel. The inner and outer sides of the bezel are cut with diamond tools to make the appearance flawless. Fake Rolex watches.

Then, the entire surface of the bezel is plated with one micron of thick platinum through PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). In addition to covering the numbers and progressive scales, There will be platinum coating everywhere, so the final step is to polish the entire bezel, leaving only the recessed scales with platinum coating.

Because of Rolex’s ultra-high quality inspection standards, it is produced by Rolex itself. Due to the high scrap rate in each step, such as color development, two-color edge lines, cutting, etc., the yield rate of two-color bezels, especially red and blue cola rings, is shallow. This indirectly affects the production capacity of other ceramic bezels.

Nowadays, many “speculators” are taking advantage of the news; as for whether Rolex will stop producing “Cola Rings” in this hype era, let us wait and see.

Case Thickness: 15mm
Case Color: Silver-tone
Series: Gmt Master Ii
Brand: Rolex
Model: m126710blro-0002
Gender: Men’s
Case Size: 40mm

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