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The “Yacht Famous” names are developed by celebrities who enjoy a vacation on a yacht. They were initially considered luxury top quality replica watches and adopted a unique 3D pressure-bearing design. Because it is used on board, the waterproof performance is 100m. In addition, the yacht series is the only sports model that provides men, boys, and women, so it is also very popular as a couple of models. The most popular is the oyster steel and platinum combination (Note: “Rolexium”). However, in 2014, with the suspension of women’s models, there were only two sizes of men and boys to choose from.

  • (ROLEXIUM) One of Rolex’s words combines “Rolex Oyster Steel” and “Platinum.” Refers to the use of 904L oyster steel and 950 platinum models, focusing on Ref16622 style
  • As a new concept of Rolex in 1992, the “Yacht Famous” was launched for the rich people who enjoyed the beach vacation. The series is the 18K gold model, and the bezel rotates in two -a ways. Men and women -sized oyster steel and 18K gold also came out in 1997. Ref.68623 is commonly known as (Note: “ROLESOR”). A new word formed by “gold). 18K gold is used in the center of the bezel and bracelet and is positioned as a higher-level sports model. This model is also smaller than the men’s size, and the dial color is arranged into four colors, similar to the gold model. Due to the change of models in 1999, the production cycle is short, only three years.
  • ROLESOR is one of Rolex’s words that refer to the model of 904L stainless steel and 18K gold. It obtained a patent in Rolex in 1933 and was a very novel design at the time, named the name (color) of precious metals.
  • In 1999, the combination of stainless steel and platinum appeared, becoming a popular model of the yacht master series. LOREDIUM is a new combination of oyster steel and platinum. Since the emergence of Ref.16622 has risen straightly, the iconic red “Yacht Master” font and “second hand” complement each other. In addition, although the waterproof function is 100 meters, the triple lock champion ensures reliable operation. It is also this model that ignites the heat of the yacht. The bezel and dial are made of high-end material, “platinum,” which is uniformly silver. It can be used for leisure to party scenes. It is trendy. 2004 Ref.16623 was also launched in 2004.
  • Ref.116622 debuted at the Basel replica watch Show in 2012. It is a sports model with luxury and elegance. The bezel achieves a smoother two-way rotation. It not only improves operability but also improves durability and functionality. In 2016, the first stainless steel and eternal rose gold were combined with the combination of REF.116621. The bezel adopts 18K rose gold embedded parts. Initially, there were only chocolate dials. In 2017, the black dial was added.

Case size:36 MM
Case material:Steel & White Gold
Bracelet material:Steel (Jubilee)
Dial type:White Baton

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