What Watches Do Polar Explorers Wear? Replica Rolex Watches

As winter grips the northern hemisphere, many want to know whether our watch is up to skiing, ice fishing, or having a snowball fight in the freezing tundra. The best way to address this critical question is to turn to people who test watches in harsher environments. Closer to home, this article will list some famous polar explorers and the watches they wore.

Roald Amundsen: Glashütte Deck Pocket Watch

Roald Amundsen is the undisputed king of polar exploration. This Norwegian explorer was the first to reach the South Pole, sail through the Northwest Passage in a sloop, and fly in an airship. Flying over the North Pole. During the Antarctic expedition in 1911, Amundsen carried a Glashütte deck pocket watch (made by Julius Assmann of Glashütte, Germany) and made a historic arrival at the southernmost point of the Earth. Deck tables are usually equipped on ships for navigation. According to the marine chronometer, the deck watch time can be set and carried on the deck for astronomical observations.

Sir Renolf Fiennes: Rolex GMT-Master and Kobold Polar Surveyor

Sir Renolf Fiennes is known as “the greatest living adventurer,” deservedly. He conquered the airspace of the Rub al-Khali Desert in the Arabian Peninsula, visited both the North and South Poles of the Earth and even climbed Mount Everest at the age of 65. Fiennes’s “Global Expedition” from 1979 to 1982 was one of the world’s first (and so far only) expeditions along the vertical axis of the Earth (from one pole to another pole) relying solely on ground transportation (without the aid of airplanes) trip.

At that time, Fiennes appeared in a Rolex advertisement. He said he wore a Rolex GMT-Master watch on all his adventures, whether in the cold polar regions or the hot equator. At the beginning of the 21st century, Fiennes left Rolex and joined the Kobold watchmaking company. He served as an image ambassador and actively played a role as a watch designer. Kobold focuses on the R&D and production of “adventure instruments,” the Polar Surveyor mechanical chronograph (equipped with 24-hour hands and day and night display functions) is the proud work of Fiennes’ participation. Fake Rolex watches.

Edmund Hillary: Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Edmund Hillary wore a Rolex Oyster Perpetual, a watch that inspired legendary explorers. From 1955 to 1958, Hillary led the New Zealand expedition to complete the journey across Antarctica. In 1958, he also drove a snow tractor across the entire Antarctic continent for the first time. During this adventure, Hillary wore a Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch. Kolkata jeweler Bosek presented the watch as a gift to congratulate Hillary on conquering Mount Everest. 2010 Antiquorum caused controversy when it auctioned the watch, and a court order terminated the sale. The watch is currently in the Auckland Museum in New Zealand collection. Replica rolex watches.

Ralph Prested: Omega “Speedmaster Professional” watch

The least polar hero is Ralph Prested, an insurance salesman from suburban Minneapolis. In 1968, after a few drinks in a Duluth bar, Plaisted and his companions came up with the idea of riding a snowmobile on an Arctic expedition. They thought this plan would be more adventurous than taking a dog sled to hunt seals in Canada. Bombardier and Omega provided snowmobiles and “Speedmaster Professional” watches for the adventure. The person in charge, Gerald Pitts, led the team to the North Pole with a sextant and Ref. 145.012 Speedy watch (the same model of the watch landed on the moon the following year). This was the world’s first official record of conquering the North Pole by land. After the expedition, Prested wrote to Omega to thank the brand for its help and concluded: “All we can say is that Omega watches are so great.”

Reinhold Messner: Omega Speedmaster Professional

In most people’s eyes, Reinhold Messner is the greatest mountaineer in the world. He once successfully climbed Mount Everest alone without carrying any oxygen equipment. In 1989, Messner turned his attention to Antarctica and attempted to hike across the continent. Messner later described the expedition as hell on Earth, far more complex than any previous mountaineering expedition. Messner wore a Rolex watch during many alpine expeditions (he wore a Rolex Oyster Quartz watch when he climbed the mountain solo in 1980). Still, he chose an Omega Speedmaster Professional during the expedition across Antarctica. Edition” watch.

Will Steger: Yema Bipole Duopoly watch

At the same time that Reinhold Messner and Arved Fuchs were trekking across Antarctica, Minnesotan Will Steger was leading an expedition across the same continent using dog sleds, taking a route longer. The 1989-90 “International Trans-Antarctic Expedition” project was ambitious regarding conditions and distance. Will Steger organize a thoroughly international team? In addition to himself, there were representatives from China, Britain, France, Russia, and Japan, which brought language communication and cultural exchange barriers to the team.

In previous expeditions, Will Steger had carried a Rolex watch (the fourth person in history to reach the North and South Poles); during the 1989 Antarctic expedition, he wore a strange watch. This watch was specially created by the French brand Yema for Will Stijl and is called “Bipole Duopoly.” It has a quartz movement, a titanium case (48 mm in diameter), and a nylon fiber strap. This watch’s most practical and unique features are the antimagnetic sidereal sun compass and the reversible north and south navigation dial. This watch is rare, and although it is not the most beautiful, it is undoubtedly the most functional.

Ben Sanders: Bremont Terra Nova watch

Ben Sanders once said his specialty was “towing heavy things in cold climates.” While other explorers use snow machines or dog sleds, Ben Sanders opts for human power, walking, or skiing to the Pole. In early 2014, Ben Sanders and his partner Tarka l’Herpeniere re-walked Robert Falcon Scott’s 1912 Antarctic expedition route from the coast to the South Pole and back, creating the longest walking polar journey. Record of. Towards the end of the Terra Nova Expedition, Ben Sanders posted a picture on Instagram of a special edition Bremont dive watch he had worn throughout the expedition. This is a Bremont Supermarine 500 titanium watch called “Terra Nova.” The bezel is decorated with a compass scale, adding a 24-hour GMT display function. Bremont produced and released this watch in limited quantities, and it quickly sold out.

Mike Horn: Panerai Pole to Pole watch

If there’s anyone who can rival Renov Fiennes in terms of risk-taking, it’s Mike Horn. The South African explorer’s resume is astonishing and awe-inspiring, from hiking the entire Amazon without assistance to solo circumnavigating the Arctic Circle. During the subsequent Arktos expedition, Mike Horn wore a watch of the same name, specially made by Panerai. The watch movement was equipped with an antimagnetic case, and the bezel was decorated with a compass scale. Mike Horn has a deep connection with Panerai. He is currently on a voyage around the world through the two poles. For this purpose, Panerai has produced a special edition timepiece called “Pole 2 Pole”, a Luminor Submersible GMT dual-time professional diving titanium watch.

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