The New Fake Rolex Daytona Collection Pushes The Limits Of Luxury

Fengchi enjoys speed, eagerly pursues skills, and at the same time, pays attention to noble materials. The fake Rolex Daytona watch replica, named after the most famous race track in the United States, has always been renowned for its precision and durability. At Baselworld 2011, the series added two new members.

Developed exclusively by Rolex, the new Ditona series features a CERACHROM black ring made of top-quality ceramic and a raised sapphire glass mirror featured by Rolex, which makes the watch even more resistant to scratches. The swiss precision chronometer center approves this precision timepiece. It has 4130 movements containing all the blue springs developed by fake Rolex. The patek philippe replica watch is made of distinguished materials and finishes: an 18CT timeless rose gold Oyster case created by Rolex, with gold hour hands in chocolate or ivory as a backdrop.

The new Daytona is available in brown and white dials. Among them, the white dial model uses traditional stick-shaped hour markers, while the brown dial model uses digital hour markers. Both watch cases are 18K rose gold, and the straps are all black alligator leather.

The size of the new watch has not changed; it is still 40mm. The movement also continues the old 4130 chronograph movement. It has a fake Rolex blue Parachrom hairspring with 72 hours of power reserve. This classic chronometer movement, which has about 60% fewer parts than a typical chronograph movement, is composed of 290 parts and has a reputation for durability and precision.

Model:116515 LN
Case size:40 MM
Case material:Rose Gold
Bracelet material:Alligator – Black
Dial type:Chocolate Arabic
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