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Three hundred meters of water resistance for diving watches is enough to cope with most usage scenarios. But judging from the current situation watches with a waterproof rating of more than 1,000 meters still account for a considerable proportion. In particular, the performance upper limit of mass-produced diving watches has jumped significantly from 3,900 meters to 11,000 meters in recent years and is still improving. In fact, as an essential stage for manufacturers to demonstrate their technical strength, the strategic significance of advanced diving watches is far greater than its practical significance. In the past, when such products were mentioned, the first brands that players thought of were Rolex and Omega. The arms race between the two major manufacturers in this field has been ongoing since the last century. This year, Montblanc, a brand of Richemont Group, also participated in the competition for advanced diving watches. The products launched by these significant manufacturers firmly hold the TOP3 position.

Here, I would like to emphasize the definition of “TOP3”: first of all, they come from mainstream brands; niche manufacturers and independent watchmakers are omitted; secondly, they are all products that ordinary consumers can buy at this stage, which excludes historical models and Discontinued models; last but not least, it must be a standard mass-produced fake watch. Orphan watches, concept watches, experimental watches, and any “PPT watchmaking” that has not seen the real thing is inconsistent with the purpose.

Rolex Deepsea Challenge

According to the above standards, the current No. 1 watch in the industry comes from Rolex. In 2022, Rolex released the “Ghost King” Deep Sea Challenge model with a waterproof depth of up to 11,000 meters, surpassing the previous record set by the Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep in one fell swoop, becoming the performance crown of mass-produced diving watches currently on sale.

Deep Sea Challenge and the 1960 prototype watch

As early as the 1960s, Rolex developed an experimental watch that could dive into the Mariana Trench’s bottom. However, the size of this sample needed to be more exaggerated and was destined not to be put into mass production. More than sixty years later, after significant progress in watchmaking technology, a mass-produced model with an optimized appearance, the Deep Sea Challenge, was released.

Arched mirror and case thickness

The Rolex Deepsea Challenge uses an RLX (grade 5 titanium) case to achieve such radical performance. Its lightness, pressure resistance, and corrosion resistance perfectly meet the needs of high-depth diving watches. However, considering the material’s strength, the watch’s diameter still reaches 50mm, and with a thickness of 23mm, it is difficult to say that it is comfortable to wear. This is also the most significant controversy of this work. Replica Rolex watches.

Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep 6000m professional diving watch

The Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep 6000m professional diving watch, which controls the size within the “daily wear” range and achieves a balance between performance and experience, performs much more reasonably. From a size perspective, the Planet Ocean Ultra Deep uses a 45.5mm titanium case, and its 18.1mm thickness is not much different from many thousand-meter diving watches, but this is a performance monster with a waterproof rating of 6,000 meters.

In the first half of 2022, before the launch of the Rolex Deepsea Challenge, the Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep once claimed the top spot among mass-produced diving watches. However, Rolex has only overtaken this record in the past six months. The benchmarking is obvious. Despite losing the top spot, the Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep is still the best-performing model in terms of overall strength and wearing experience.

Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional

The two works mentioned earlier revolve around the word “mass production,” and many players may be curious about the performance ceiling of the concept watch. As early as 2019, the Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional raised the limit of waterproof performance to 15,000 meters. 

Montblanc Glacier Series Diving Anaerobic Watch 4810 Meters Deep Diving Special Edition

In the past, in advanced diving watches, only two major brands, Omega and Rolex, participated in the competition. This year, Montblanc, a subsidiary of the Richemont Group, also joined the competition. The Glacier series diving anaerobic watch is a particular 4810-meter deep dive model. The number “4810” pays tribute to the original meaning of the word Montblanc: the altitude of Mont Blanc. The waterproof performance of the watch is complex to be accurate to the smallest unit of 10, so the actual performance of the watch may be far more than this. Its symbolic significance is more significant.

This watch uses a 43mm titanium case with a thickness of 19.4mm. Although in terms of thickness, it is not as good as the Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep 6000 meters, the 43mm diameter is the most exquisite among similar products, and the front is the same as that of many thousand-meter diving watches.

At the same time, this work also uses the “Zero Oxygen” process. This is a technological innovation of Montblanc that has been in recent years. It has moved from the 1858 series of mountaineering watches to diving watches. This technology reduces the risk of oxidation and extends the service life of the movement by extracting oxygen from inside the watch case. It should be noted that the inside of the watch case is not in a vacuum state and still contains small amounts of other gases, such as helium.

The movement is also something worth paying attention to in this diving watch. In the past, Montblanc diving watches mainly used outsourced movements from ETA or Sellita, and this new product is equipped with the MB29.29 movement built by the Horlogère ValFleurier movement factory under the Richemont Group. Like the long-power movements used by brands such as IWC and Baume & Mercier, it has a 120-hour power reserve. The movement has a diameter of 28.2mm, a vibration frequency of 28800VPH, and a power reserve of 120 hours. 

In the past, 10,000-meter diving watches that only existed in laboratories have become products consumers can access with the Rolex Deepsea Challenge launch. However, when it comes to overall strength, the Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep 6000-meter professional diving watch still takes the lead. This product balances “top performance” and “suitability to wear.” This year, in addition to the two giants Rolex and Omega, new forces represented by Montblanc have entered the game. Although there is still a gap between the paper parameters and the industry benchmark, its original “oxygen-free” technology dramatically adds to the product features, and the 43mm diameter is the same as a conventional diving watch.

Series: Sea-Dweller Deepsea
Band Width: 22mm
Case Thickness: 18mm
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Movement: Automatic
Band Color: Silver-tone
Model: m126660-0001
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex

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