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The craze for sports watches is still unabated, and various Rolex sports watches remain popular. Watch fans regard owning sports watches as a national sport. They have become the first choice because of the reasonable pricing and high-value retention. Previously, watch friends worldwide speculated what Rolex’s new model would look like. Probably change the color and material of the bezel and dial or change it to a 32-series movement. Sure enough, 80% of it is correct because it will no longer be a Rolex if it is drastically changed. Under the tug of classics and avant-garde, the brand will not change the watch’s design at will. Here, we share three classic best-selling models. Swiss models replica watches.

Rolex’s various sports watches continue to be popular. Watch fans regard owning sports watches as a national sport. They have become the first choice because of their reasonable pricing and high-value retention.

16520 (produced from 1988 to discontinued in 2000) was Daytona’s first chronograph after it became self-winding. Watch fans may know that it uses a chronograph movement based on Zenith’s El Primero. , and then reduce the vibration frequency from 36,000 to 28,800. Frequency reduction is the most essential part, mainly in the automatic winding. The original automatic wheel is changed to a double-layer gear to improve the winding efficiency. The automatic plate is also changed into a hollow shape and fixed with three nails. Make the overall operation more reliable. The escapement structure is the most significant modification. In addition to the traditional and advanced double-layer hairspring, the four fine-tuning screws on the inside of the Rolex balance wheel are the brand’s innovation and original style in fine-tuning technology. Replica store online.

Rolex 16520 was bought for about US$10,000 20 years ago, and now it is about US$30,000.

The screws are divided into two diagonally large ones and two small ones. Each screw has eight angular teeth. It can be adjusted using Rolex’s special micro-adjustment Micro-Stella. The large one takes 2 seconds, and the small one takes 1 second. This is an exact design and a balance-weighted fine-tuning. As long as the movement is in average condition, it can reach an accuracy of 1 second per day. There are more than a hundred differences between Rolex’s 4030 and Zenith El Primero, and Rolex’s polishing and decoration are also better than those of Zenith. You can tell by taking apart the back cover and comparing them.

There are more than a hundred differences between Rolex’s 4030 and the Zenith El Primero, and the movement’s polishing is also better than that of the Zenith.

16710 (produced from 1988 to discontinued in 2007) has become a trend-popular watch recently because of its blue and red bezel. It is equipped with Rolex’s 3100 series movement that came out in 1988. It has a GMT function, so the movement number is 3185. 16710 The hour hand can be adjusted independently. When crossing time zones, loosen the crown and pull it out to operate the hour hand. Turn one step in the clockwise direction to adjust it forward by one hour, and turn it in the reverse direction to adjust it back by one hour. The operation is very convenient. Turning the bezel and matching the GMT setting can be used as a three-place time function. Blue and red bezels are extremely popular among the Rolex family. The 1675 from the 1960s and the latest model, the 126710, are in excellent demand. Two-color bezels have always been popular. The market price of old watches has increased at least five times in 20 years. , the transaction price of the new model is also nearly double.

The hour hand of Rolex 16710 can be adjusted independently, making it very convenient to operate the GMT zone change.

Green Water Ghost is the most popular watch model in recent years besides Daytona. Why is Green Water Ghost so famous? It should be related to the fact that green is the corporate color of the Rolex brand, which means it has the function of preserving or adding value. The black-faced green-ringed diving watch launched in 2003 was the 50th anniversary Rolex diving watch. This color scheme was quite eye-catching and unique. The response in the market at that time was very enthusiastic, and watch fans called it the first-generation Green Ghost. 2010, a green ceramic bezel style was launched, setting off a Green Ghost whirlwind. We call it the second-generation Green Ghost. Both generations are equipped with 3135 movements. The third generation Green Ghost, released in 2020, has a similar color to the first generation. It also has a ceramic bezel, and the case size is 1 mm larger. Where there is little difference, it was hyped to nearly US$25,000 as soon as it was launched. Although the transaction price has recently fallen, it is still a famous watch.

The 3100 series movement, launched in 1988, has been used for more than 30 years and has received very positive reviews for its accuracy and durability.

The Rolex-specific Micro-Stella finer structure is straightforward and the best tool for adjusting time.

Rolex is durable and accurate, has high-value retention and fast liquidity, and is equivalent to cash. Coupled with good sales and service, it is no wonder that Rolex is a brand that watches fans want to own. Rolex’s high visibility and status-defining qualities have also made it a favorite among consumers. From the perspective of value-added potential and excellent quality, Rolex has firmly established itself as the number-one brand in the industry.

Gender: Men’s
Model: 16710PEPSI
Case Thickness: 15mm
Case Color: Silver-tone
Series: Gmt Master Ii
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Brand: Rolex

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