Rolex Ref.6062 Stainless Steel Full Calendar Watch, Noob Replica Watches

No matter what, a Rolex watch with a moon phase display is unique. Throughout its history, Rolex has produced few timepieces with this complication. Among them, Ref. 6062 is more special because Rolex integrated various functions that were not common at the time into this watch. Noob replica watches.

The watch shown above was produced in 1953. It is equipped with automatic movement, a complete calendar function, and a waterproof Oyster case. In the 1950s, it was rare for even luxury timepieces to be fitted with waterproof cases. From this point of view, Rolex was ahead of its time decades ago. It can be said that Rolex created the earliest high-end, sports and complex function watches in a trendy way today. The watch case is made of steel, which is rare because most Ref. 6062s are made of gold, which is more in line with the appearance standards of luxury timepieces at the time. Replica watches for sale.

Even from today’s perspective, it is still very suitable to wear. The screw-down crown and stainless steel Jubilee bracelet further enhance its appeal. The dial gives it vintage charm because of a rare complication (for a Rolex) and the design decoration. The golden leaf-shaped hands and hour markers contrast sharply with the stainless steel case and bracelet, giving it a vintage feel. In addition, the “human face” moon phase is also a long tradition dating back to the early days of watchmaking, further highlighting the unique personality of this Rolex watch.

Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s
Series: Day-Date
Case Thickness: 12mm
Case Size: 36mm
Movement: Automatic
Model: 118206
Band Length: 18cm

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