Recommendation Of Advanced New Works Of Ice Blue Dial, Rolex Replica

Ice blue dial, a hue that has gained immense popularity recently, is showcased in a series of exclusive new swiss models. Unveiled at the prestigious Watches & Wonders Watch Exhibition in April, these timepieces are a testament to the ever-evolving world of horology. Today, I have the privilege of introducing three of the most representative new works, each a unique masterpiece in its own right.

Rolex Perpetual 1908 Series m52506-0002

  • Product model: m52506-0002
  • Watch diameter: 39 mm
  • Case thickness: 9.50 mm
  • Movement type: automatic machinery
  • Movement model: 7140
  • Case Material: platinum
  • Waterproof depth: 50 meters

Perpetual 1908, a new formal series launched by Rolex at Watches & Wonders last year, officially replaced the Cellini series. I have talked to my friends before. Although it is a pity to directly cut off Cellini with 1908 and not allow Cellini to continue the inheritance, we cannot deny the excellence 1908, especially after seeing Rolex launch a new ice-blue dial style for 1908 this year. First, the latest work continues the idea of ​​only precious metal styles. The new ice blue dial also uses Rolex’s classic combination of ice blue and platinum. The thickness is 9.5 mm. Both the size and appearance are pure formal style. The bezel design continues to use the eye-catching triangular grooved outer ring. The classic Rolex replica design also adds recognition to the watch. In addition, after Rolex used the dog tooth ring for the platinum day-date model two years ago, it also overcame the problems of platinum due to its high hardness, complex processing of waste blades, and difficulty in shaping. The dial design of the watch is based on the small three-pin layout of the antique 6512, which is simple and elegant. There is no need to question the color effect of Rolex’s ice-blue dial. After all, Rolex popularized this color, and Rolex also specially prepared ice blue. However, in the new product, Rolex also specially used the grain pattern created by the guilloché process, combining the refreshing and cold effect with the beauty brought by traditional craftsmanship. In terms of movement, Rolex uses the 7140 automatic movement, equipped with a Syloxi silicon hairspring, which can provide 66 hours of power reserve when fully wound.

IWC IW501708 Portuguese Series

  • Product Model: IW501708
  • Watch Diameter: 42.4mm
  • Case Thickness: 13mm
  • Movement Type: Automatic
  • Movement Model: 52011
  • Case Material: 18k White Gold
  • Waterproof Depth: 50m

At the Geneva Watch Fair, IWC created a new Portuguese series of watches called “Paying Tribute to Eternity.” Various upgrades have been made to classic famous works, such as the Portuguese Seven and the Portuguese Perpetual Calendar. At the same time, IWC also brought new dial colors – Silver Moon White, Horizon Blue, Dune Gold, and Obsidian Black. Many watch friends think that the effect of the Horizon Blue, this ice blue disk, is the most eye-catching. Take the new Portuguese Seven as an example. The 42.4mm 18k white gold case is polished and brushed, and the Horizon Blue disk is refreshing in color and decorated with sun patterns. At the same time, the two-eye sub-disc is treated with the same color and decorated with record patterns, enhancing the watch’s overall visual sense. In terms of details, Newport has made many more straightforward and refined modifications, such as removing the red power reserve display. IWC has also improved the dial production process. IWC CEO Christopher Grainger-Heyer told us in an interview that it takes sixty processes to make a single dial, including spraying 15 layers of transparent paint and then fine-grinding and polishing the chassis to achieve the ultimate deep luster. These efforts make IWC’s new works bright horizon blue and attractive in the sun or under the light. In terms of movement, it is equipped with IWC’s self-produced 52011 movement, which can provide 168 hours of power reserve when fully chained. The watch comes with a Santoni gradient light blue calfskin strap.

Chopard Alpine Eagle Series 298609-3008

  • Product model: 298609-3008
  • Watch diameter: 44 mm
  • Case thickness: 13.15 mm
  • Movement type: automatic
  • Movement model: Chopard 03.05-C
  • Case Material: grade 5 titanium
  • Waterproof depth: 100 meters

Also at this year’s Swiss Watch Fair, Chopard released the Alpine Eagle series “Rhône Blue” dial. Like the previous Aletsch Glacier Blue and Bernina Rock Gray dial styles, the new work is inspired by the magnificent scenery of the Alps. The Rhone River is also one of the most famous rivers in the Alps. It originates from the heart of the glacier of the same name in Valais, flows to Lake Geneva, and finally flows into the Mediterranean Sea. This pure river is also soft blue. However, when applying the watch dial, we can see that although Chopard calls it river blue, the watch’s effect is a deeper ice-blue dial. When this deep color is combined with the iconic eagle eye iris pattern of the mountain eagle, it also gives people the feeling that it is more like an iceberg buried underwater that is not illuminated by light. In addition to the presentation of the ice blue dial color, the material application of the new work is also a highlight. Following the two high-frequency styles, Chopard has used grade 5 titanium, a high-grade titanium metal, in the chronograph style of the Snow Mountain Proud Wing for the first time. This is also the ideal material for the 44mm larger case. It is light and has excellent corrosion resistance, and 100 meters of waterproofness can accompany the wearer up the mountains and the sea. In terms of movement, the watch is equipped with a Chopard 03.05-C automatic flyback chronograph movement, which has four patented technologies and is COSC certified, with excellent performance. It is worth mentioning that the rubber strap shape also continues Chopard’s classic ICE CUBE ring design.

Model: 118239
Dial Color: Blue Dial
Series: Day-Date
Movement: Automatic
Gender: Men’s
Case Thickness: 12mm
Brand: Rolex

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