Noob Replica Watches Antique Rolex Reference 6512

Ref.6512 is a rare 18K gold hand-wound dress mechanical watch called “Veriflat” produced in the mid-1950s to early 1960s. It should be the thinnest Oyster case made by Rolex, 18k gold, with a thickness of 9mm. If you find a slimmer case, please tell me. Equipped with Cal.1000 movement, there are 18 jewels on it, and the model “6512” is printed on the back cover. It is Rolex’s first movement made entirely from scratch, based on the Cal.1030 movement (the world’s first two-way winding movement), and it is said to compete with Patek Philippe at that time. Same price as Oyster Perpetual, but since automatic winding is gradually becoming mainstream, sales could be better, and the number could be more significant. The case diameter is 34mm, very similar to the Oyster Perpetual at that time, but the thickness is about 3mm thinner. Despite this innovation, the “Veriflat” (and its other model, the “Verislim”) did not sell well and were released in limited quantities. Its rarity is high but cannot be overstated. Still, with its elegant lines and clean, crisp dial (reminiscent of Rolex replicas for sale Cellini and Patek Philippe Calatrava), it remains one of the most sought-after noob replica watches in the vintage collection.

As the name “Veriflat” suggests, it has a thin flat-back case, the crown at noon is also a unique shape of the era, and “OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED CHRONOMETER” is written above the seconds dial. The night light used is “Radium” (discontinued before mid-1960). This watch was mentioned in Osvaldo Patrizzi’s 2001 edition of “Rolex, Collecting Wristwatches.” In addition to the gold style, it is said there is also a rose gold style, but it has yet to be confirmed whether it is still on sale because it is scarce. Production was discontinued in 1962, primarily due to the popularity of automatic movements and a small part due to the high price.

He was introducing Nabor Carrillo, engraved on the back cover, who received his doctorate from Harvard University in 1940 and his master’s degree from Harvard University in 1941. In 1946, he represented Mexico in the atomic energy test at Bikini Atoll. He was appointed a technical adviser to the Mexican delegation of the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission, responsible for the peaceful use of atomic energy. In 1957, he won the National Science Award, and this watch was made for him then.

Case size:39 MM
Case material:Rose Gold
Bracelet material:Alligator – Black
Dial type:Black Baton

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