Noob Replica Rolex Sea-dweller From The 1990s

The third-generation Sea-Dweller Ref.16600 appeared around 1991 and was discontinued around 2008. It has mostly stayed the same in appearance from the previous generation Ref. 16660. While inheriting the basic design and specifications, it has made some improvements to improve the practicality and reliability of professional diving watches. The movement has become the 3135 movement, and the direction of Ref.16660 is 3035. In its more than ten years of production, it has undergone several details changes, which some noob replica watch fans love. In 1998, the extension of the bracelet changed from a plate shape to the same shape as the watch section, and the luminous paint also changed to Luminova in the same year; in 2003, the lug perforations changed from through-through to semi-through-out. An anti-counterfeiting laser crown was added to the six o’clock position of the mirror; in 2007, its warranty card changed from paper to plastic.

Let me share a 1997 Sea-Dweller Ref.16600 T prefix. The production period of the third-generation Sea-Dweller is relatively long. For old Rolex fans, the style in the 1990s has a unique charm. The tritium luminous light is its highlight that is difficult to let go. Moreover, the old watch strap and side piercings’ design also look fresh today. The five-digit sports models (except the Ref. 14060M model) changed from separate to integrated headbands in 2001. The Sea-Dweller has become an integrated headband since the Ref. 16660 in the 1980s. The high performance, in addition to waterproof performance, is also the reason why the Sea-Dweller model is popular. Swiss replica website.

Next, take a look at the picture of the dial below. The tritium luminous light on the dial fades into a soft cream color, which looks antique, and there is no apparent damage or graininess on the dial. The condition of the watch case is also excellent. The quality here mainly refers to whether there is excessive polishing or large bumps and scratches. Watch friends can also choose second-hand watches based on this.

The bezel of the Sea-Dweller in the picture is also in good condition, and the luminous dots on it have also changed color slightly, complementing the color of the dial. The 93160 strap with the head grain number 592B is assembled with a unique hard strap for Sea-Dweller, and the strap hardly feels loose. This is also a key point for judging whether the belt is in good condition. The engraved number V is also consistent with the era. Ref.16600, which has a large circulation, is relatively easy to find now, and it should feel good to get started. It does not lose cash if it is maintained regularly.

Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836
Gender: Men’s
Case Size: 43mm
Case Thickness: 15mm
Model: M126600-0002
Series: Sea-Dweller
Band Color: Silver-tone
Brand: Rolex

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