Noob Replica Rolex Daytona’s Predecessor

In 1963, the first generation of Daytona Ref.6239 and Ref.6241 with three subdials appeared. However, before that, there was a chronograph with three subdials, which we call [Pre-DAYTONA] Ref.6238 (the predecessor of Daytona). The movement is also the same 72B or 722-1 movement as the first generation of Daytona. Next, let’s take a look at this [Pre-DAYTONA] Ref.6238. It is a predecessor of Daytona, produced in 1964. The mileage marks on the dial’s outer ring are exciting compared to now. Because of its classic appearance, it has always been called [Pre-DAYTONA]. It is a watch that cannot be ignored when mentioning Daytona and is also one of the watches many senior collectors persistently look for. Many people may think of the Oyster Manual Winding Watch or Ref.6239 regarding manual winding watches. At the same time, Ref.6238 is a watch that top collectors who have experienced those noob replica watches tend to choose, and its difficulty in obtaining is increasing yearly. Although it was only for a short period, the polished bezel Ref.6238, the tachymeter bezel Ref.6239, and the plastic bezel Ref.6241 were in circulation at the same time, which is also an interesting point about manual winding swiss replica watches. The 1960s was when Rolex tried to explore various styles, which is also one of the charms of Ref.6238.

The silver dial looks like a vivid impression. There are also various versions of the silver color of Ref.6238. The color in the picture looks brighter. Looking closely, you can see that the luminous paint has fallen off a little, with some black spots and stains. However, considering that it is a manual winding watch from the 1960s, it should be rare for the luminous paint to be kept to this extent. The tachymeter scale on the dial also looks antique from the overall perspective, and those who understand it can naturally appreciate the taste.

Although it is not an unpolished product, the case’s shape also looks round and complete, and there should be very few Ref.6238s with little polishing. In addition, the bezel looks like it has only been lightly polished, and the shape has not been deformed.

The strap is a 19mm American spring strap, and the spring part is also very compact, without any looseness or deformation. The buckle’s year is 65, which is within the error range. It is an ideal match because it is a mile mark and an American strap.

[Pre-DAYTONA] Mile mark Ref.6238, in the context of the gradual decline of hand-rolled watches with year-to-date periods. However, the number of Oyster watches or Ref.6239 is rare; it can be found, but [Pre-DAYTONA] is another matter.

Gender: Men’s
Dial Color: White Dial
Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
Brand: Rolex
Model: 116520
Band Width: 20mm
Case Thickness: 15mm
Band Length: 18cm
Series: Daytona

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