Greenwich-type Black Barnacle Ref.16753, Best Fake Rolex

Around March last year, the Rolex GMT-Master II had a gold and gold model with a commemorative strap. Its models were Ref.126713GRNR and Ref.126718GRNR, respectively. The bezel was gray and black. When it appeared, it earned enough attention. The GMT-Master had commemorative straps in gold and gold models long ago, but the bezel’s color differs from the new model. I want to discuss the third-generation model of GMT-Master I below. It was produced from 1980 to 1988 and is one of the popular antiques. Best fake Rolex.

Next, I will share the early model of the GMT-Master Ref. 16753, produced in 1984. It is an antique black [barnacle face] that feels very good. The [barnacle face] is also a significant feature of the early dial. About the [barnacle face]: The meaning has been explained before, so I won’t explain it here. In the past, the brown [Barnacle Noodle] of Ref. 16753 was very popular, but now the popularity of [Black Barnacle Noodle] has suddenly increased. There should be a lot of watch lovers looking for it now and watches in good condition are very popular. There are few. In recent years, there have been watches whose dials and bezels have been replaced. Therefore, interested friends must not let it go when encountering [Black Barnacle Noodles] in good condition.

The dark and shiny texture on the dial in the 1980s is very suitable for this [barnacle surface]. The changes in the tritium luminous paint over the years are also very interesting. Although you will find minor scratches on the dial with a magnifying glass, they are barely noticeable to the naked eye. The case looks promising. Many gold models often have thin or deformed cases due to excessive polishing. Although the one in the picture has some traces of polishing, the overall shape is still good. The bezel, which is the easiest to replace, also remains in its original state and is in the same good condition as the case. You can even feel the sharp edges of the gears on the outer ring by running your fingertips across it. You can also try this when selecting a watch to confirm the condition of the bezel. Confirm. Franck muller replica.

It is paired with a 50 strap with the number 450, a sports commemorative strap. Although it has become a little loose, the commemorative strap from 40 years ago can still be maintained in good condition. It should be noted that the commemorative straps of sports models occasionally use log-type thin screws (used to connect the watch case). If the sports models are not matched with the corresponding large screws, the atmosphere will be significantly reduced, and the evaluation will also be greatly reduced. The semi-gold GMT-Master has been very popular in the past. Its popularity has accelerated in recent years. Now, it is one of the most popular antique watches that is very difficult to find. It should be easy to find if you are okay with the appearance. However, there are many gold watches whose condition is difficult to describe. If you want to find a watch in good condition and on the date, the difficulty of getting it will immediately increase. The Ref. 16753 mentioned above happens to be an individual in good condition and on the date.

Band Length: 18cm
Model: 16713BKSJ-1
Series: Gmt Master
Movement: Automatic
Band Color: Two-tone
Case Size: 40mm
Band Width: 20mm
Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s

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