Gold Daytona With Zenith Movement, Top Replica Watch

What I share this time is the Daytona Zenith movement Ref. 16528, produced in 1990. It has a champagne-colored Mark IV [Inverted 6] dial. The characteristic of the gold watch Mark IV is that in addition to the Rolex English mark at noon, there are others. The 4-line font is sans serif and moves closer to the dial’s center. This generation of Daytona has many versions of Zenith movement specifications. When it comes to the charm of the early all-gold model, of course, it has to do with its single-buckle strap. All-gold watches in circulation are rare. Among models, single-buckle straps are even rarer.

Take a closer look at the Mark IV [Pour 6] champagne dial in the picture. Even under a magnifying glass, you’ll notice a small flaw on the [T SWISS MADE T] at the six o’clock position, a testament to the watch’s handcrafted nature. The black outer ring paint of the sub-dial Adds a unique concave and convex feeling, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship. Personally, I find the gold watch with a champagne dial particularly appealing, as the overall color scheme is highly unified, reflecting the watch’s superior design. Top replica watch.

In an era when stainless steel models are attractive, many all-gold and inter-gold models have been polished and refurbished many times to eliminate scratches, so even fewer all-gold watches are in good condition. Suppose you are considering an all-gold watch instead of pursuing the color of the dial and complete accessories. In that case, it is recommended that you look for a moderately polished watch, especially a watch with a good bezel. By the way, this gold Daytona is the bezel of the Mark IV, which existed roughly from 1990 to 1994. It is characterized by the number 0 on the scales [400], [300], and [240], which is very thin compared to other bezels. , the extended stroke of P in [PER] engraved with English letters will run through the center of the letter R in [HOUR]. The case in the picture looks full in shape, and it is speculated that it has only been polished once or twice. Like the case, the bezel will deform if it is polished excessively, thus affecting the overall atmosphere of the watch. Best replica watches.

The matching strap has a single buckle numbered 78668, which has almost no deformation. The buckle’s number and year are also consistent. Before this era, gold watches were often seen missing the strap, so it is estimated that many people wanted bracelets alone.

The attachment is a complete set. Since the watch shared is an American version, its warranty is also an American version. Although the dial color was not marked then, you can still see that the warranty says the dial color number [20], so we can confirm that it is champagne. This generation of gold Daytonas is rarely seen in reality. The more common ones are gold or steel models, which seem relatively rare. The above is the sharing of Ref.16528 of Mark IV. Everyone is welcome to share and communicate in a friendly way.

Band Width: 20mm
Model: 116528-0033
Series: Daytona
Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic
Dial Color: Champagne Dial
Gender: Men’s

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