Five Characteristics Of An Antique Rolex, Replica Watches Noob

The birth of Rolex tool watches happened in the 1950s, and watches such as Submariner, Explorer, Greenwich, Milgauss, and Airmaster… all originated from that era.

These tool watches developed for professional activities have now become classic luxury goods. After all, few people now take them to explore the deep sea, climb high peaks, or operate in magnetic fields with thousands of Gauss. Replica watches noob.

A more modern aesthetic concept and indestructible material standards are among the new decoration tools. On the other hand, antique Rolex has a different flavor in its design and materials.

The following five characteristics will distinguish Vintage from new clothing.

Aluminum outer ring

Most new sports models with rotatable outer rings have Cerachrom ceramic rings. But this material is only more than ten years old. Before this, the outer ring was mostly made of aluminum. Although easy to fade and scratch, it has become a significant feature of antique sportswear.

Ref.1675 for aluminum ring plaster surface

Acrylic mirror

Newer watches are all equipped with sapphire lenses, while older vintage watches are all equipped with acrylic lenses. Although the hardness and transparency of acrylic are far inferior to sapphire, it also has unique characteristics: first, it is not as fragile as the latter; second, its warm texture gives people a simple flavor. Fake watches.

Ear piercing

This is a less prominent feature. Most antique watches have holes through the ends of the lugs, so they are called “pierced ears.” The new installation only has holes on the inside of the lugs. Ear piercing undoubtedly makes it easier to change watch straps. Why did Rolex discontinue this design?

Plaster surface

In modern new decoration, the hour markers are often framed by a gold frame called a “nail frame surface.” Antiques are called “plaster surfaces”. They are named because they have no gold frame, and the luminous material Tritium (Tritium) has oxidized and turned yellow over the years, resembling patches of ointment. The yellowed hour markers best reflect the baptism of time.

Multiple literals

In the early years of production, the degree of standardization and strict control could have been better today. Therefore, there have been many subtle differences between the watches for decades. Remember to consider these details because they may be pretty rare, which means a high premium in the collection market and brings more fun to the collection.

A collector’s eye chart for crowns

Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Case Size: 40mm
Series: Submariner
Case Thickness: 15mm
Gender: Men’s
Band Length: 18cm
Model: 114060-97200
Band Width: 20mm
Brand: Rolex

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