Fake Rolex New And Old Green Water Ghost, Who Is More Worth Buying?

Last year, fake Rolex updated the water ghost, and I have been paying attention to the new green water ghost because the old model is too green and conspicuous and cannot be worn on ordinary occasions. The new model uses the color scheme of the original generation, and the size and shell shape has also been optimized, which seems to be a better choice.

But is this the case?

The influence of the dial on a watch is too significant. Why are some popular models? The difference in the color of the dial can be worth 1/4 of the list price. After finishing this episode of the new and old green water ghost comparison show, I found the answer: a watch between square inches. The outer sole still depends on the disk.

Although it is a discontinued model, the color of the old green ghost is really in place. The designer’s grasp of the color matching scale is ahead of the era in which it was born, and That’s why Green Water Ghost took off in 2018, many years after the product hit the market.

The new green water ghost has done nothing wrong because it should have returned to this way – like the first generation, the bezel is used to express the difference in product color matching, the dial should not be too overwhelming, and it is more suitable for daily commuting wear. But this return seems to be contrary to the fashion trend of sports watches in the past two years. While some brands can’t wait to make the entire disk fluorescent and colorful, fake Rolex has brought the new green water ghost back to its original point.

Many have asked why a brand that sells nearly one million fake watches for sale a year and occupies 1/4 of the global high-end watch market can also sell empty counters in the past two years. The strong growth of the spending power of Chinese consumers is one aspect, but the long-term reputation of old customers is also a critical determinant. Fake Rolex has long insisted on strictly controlling the quality of after-sales service and safeguarding the interests of old customers. It also gives more confidence and loyalty to those buyers who make repeated purchases.

The replacement of the Submariner (Water Ghost) series is a typical example. The new movement was replaced, the shell shape was optimized, and the price increased appropriately. Popular styles such as Green Water Ghosts decisively adjusted the disk surface to make the new and old products have apparent differences. In contrast, the Black Water Ghost and Intergold styles that sell more maintain the consistent design style and color matching and will not be recognizable. Change in degree.

Not only can it give new users more reasons to buy, but it also lets the old users who bought the popular model at a high price before the wristwatch is protected. In this large-scale replacement of the old and new 32 movements that have lasted for many years, fake Rolex still chooses to give the water ghost series the most excellent protection. After all, as an essential entry and iconic watch in these years, this series’s new and old generations cannot be tolerated. Halfway through.

So back to the original topic, which is more worth buying, the new and old green water ghosts? I advise that if you are not a fan of multiple Rolexes, the new Green Water Ghost is a more suitable choice for daily wear and will not make people feel too intrusive. At the same time, the movement is updated, the size is more convenient, and the cost performance is slightly higher.

But suppose you are a fan of fake Rolex watches or have some fake Rolex watch collections, then the old green water ghost with a touch of emerald green. In that case, even if it has been discontinued and there are no new watches, you will continue to look for a suitable starting point; wearing it or not is one thing, and whether it is there is another. Not afraid of being unable to meet, but fearful of having this obsession.

So, how to choose the old and new green water ghosts? Concerning the above two paragraphs, you can take a seat.

Model:116610 LV
Case Size:40 MM
Case Material:316 Grade Stainless Steel
Bracelet Material:316 Grade Stainless Steel (Oyster)
Dial Type:Green
Detailed address:

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