Fake Rolex Daytona Classic Chronograph 116520

DAYTONA is an important event with a long history in the United States. Up to now, more than 50 competitions have been held. The Fake Rolex chronograph watch of the same name can be said to be accompanied by this event – in 1963; the first clock Rolex Watch Replicas launched was for the DAYTONA event. However, that year Rolex called it “Cosmograph”. With the subsequent evolution and innovation, “Oyster” (Oyster), “Perpetual” (Perpetual), “Cosmograph” (Cosmograph), “Daytona” (DAYTONA), and “Superlative Chronometer officially certified” (Swiss official Accreditation and recognition of precision timepieces) and other words, recorded the development of this legendary replica watch.

Rolex’s performance naturally does not need to be suspicious, although it was not CAL.4130 then. Fake Rolex did not launch and use the CAL.4130 chronograph movement until 2000. Before CAL.4310, Rolex was initially equipped with the Valjoux 72 manual winding movement, which was replaced by the training provided by Zenith in 1988, model CAL.4030. This movement is the movement that Zenith is famous for, and it also makes Rolex timekeeping widely praised in the industry. However, I think that Rolex’s reduced frequency CAL.4030 is better than the original Zenith movement (the original vibration frequency is 36,000 times/hour, and the Rolex frequency is reduced to 28,800 times/hour).

The name of CAL.4130 can be said to be bold, with only a one-word difference. Those who don’t know it will think this is an upgraded version of CAL.4030. And this form is also common in the movement model. The CAL.4130 is entirely different from the CAL.4030 movement, abandoning the Zenith movement altogether. The main difference between them is the other start and stop timing structures.
Simply put, CAL.4030 is a horizontal clutch controlled by the approach and disengagement of gears to start and stop; CAL.4130 is a vertical clutch controlled by the upper and lower clutches of the bags. The zeroing design is unchanged. In terms of the structure of the transmission system, the gear train of CAL.4130 belongs to a new generation of creation, and the way of gear driving is also different from the original traditional design. This move should consider the convenience of the production process and adjustment. In addition, in terms of automatic winding, the CAL.4130 is equipped with one more gear, which makes the winding efficiency even more efficient. The power reserve is perfectly combined with the clockwork of up to 72 hours of power. At the same time, the automatic oscillating weight also uses ball bearings, which is also the first time it has appeared in the Fake Rolex movement, which is of great significance.

Today, the Rolex DAYTONA and the CAL.4130 it carries have become classic timepieces in the watch industry. There are not many clocks that can compete with each other without more functions. Even if it does appear, its travel time accuracy and stability, as well as its sturdiness and durability, are incomparable. The only regret is that after waiting for more than ten years, I did not wait for a steel DAYTONA with a belt, but in 2013, I waited for a platinum DAYTONA. Looking at this situation, I am afraid it is difficult to remain.

Case Size:40 MM
Case Material:316 Grade Stainless Steel
Bracelet Material:316 Grade Stainless Steel (Oyster)
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