Day-Date Ref.118238 Vs Ref.18238, Replica Swiss Watches

As a gold watch using precious metals, the day-date type is the most classic and luxurious Rolex style, and it is also the Rolex graduation model in the minds of many watch friends. It appeared in about 1956 and has a history of about 70 years—second update. Next, discuss the old day-date type equipped with the 3155 movement. From this point on, the day-of-week type calendar and the week can be quickly adjusted. Their models are Ref.18238 and Ref.118238. Only gold is used here—examples of paragraphs.

First of all, let me talk about Ref.18238. Its production period was from 1988 to 2000. The watch chain should only have the head-of-state strap. I searched various websites and found no other types. Please correct me if I am wrong. The case is less thick than its previous generation Ref.18038. The dial of Ref. 18238 with diamonds also changed a bit during its production period; the square base on which the diamonds were fixed changed in shape, and around 1995 it became a base with rounded corners. Around 1998, the luminous paint changed from tritium to Luminova luminous, like other series of the same period. However, the most significant difference is that the 3055 movement has been upgraded to 3155. While the calendar can be quickly adjusted, the week can be rapidly changed, significantly improving the experience. Replica swiss watches.

The model after Ref.18238 is Ref.118238, probably produced from 2001 to 2019. It is equipped with the same type of movement as the previous generation. There are two types of bracelets: the head-of-state bracelet and the oyster bracelet. The more common one is popularity—a taller head-of-state bracelet. If you can quickly distinguish the difference between Ref.118238 and Ref.18238 with the naked eye, the artistry on the lugs and the side of the bracelet is polished and polished, which is Ref.118238. The pointer and luminous hour markers on the dial have become more extensive, but it is said that the dial of Ref.18238 was still used in the early production stage. In addition, there is a laser anti-counterfeit crown at the six o’clock position of the mirror of Ref.118238. Still, if the mirror of the old model has been replaced recently, it also has a laser crown, so a comprehensive judgment is still required. Ref.118238 has undergone several detailed changes during its more than ten years of production. The shape of the inner plate of the clasp changed around 2004, and around 2006, the dial’s outer ring had more watch numbers and Rolex engraved in English. Luxury replica watches.

The above are the differences between Ref.18238 and Ref.118238; please bear with me if the introduction needs to be more comprehensive. After the day-date watch is used for a long time, many watch chains are usually deformed, so the state of the watch chain is a significant indicator for judging the quality of the watch. I hope the above introduction is more or less a reference value to everyone.

Series: Day-Date
Band Width: 20mm
Case Size: 36mm
Case Color: Gold-tone
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Model: m128348rbr-0008
Dial Color: Champagne Dial
Band Color: Gold-tone

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