Color Plate Daytona Ref.116519, Best Swiss Replica Watches

The color plate of Ref.116519 was only produced around 2000 because it was not very popular when it first came out, and it was discontinued in just one year, resulting in the phenomenon that the current market circulation is minimal. At that time, a total of 4 colors of dials were launched, and the sub-tables were chrysoprase, yellow fritillary, Tiffany blue, and pink fritillary, which can be said to have their charm.

In terms of color, it differs from Daytona, which is stereotyped in black and white as the primary color in everyone’s impression. It boldly uses four very bright colors. It is a bold attempt by Rolex, just like the world-famous painter Van Gogh. It was not born at the right time, and it only began to show its prominence after the production was discontinued, and it has attracted the attention of most watch lovers. Best swiss replica watches.

In terms of straps, Daytona uses a leather strap of the same color as the dial, which is very generous and decent.

Another feature of the color plate Daytona Ref. 116519 is its exclusive accessories. From the inner and outer boxes of the watch to the card case and the accompanying booklet, they all adopt the same color design as the dial. This treatment is not available to Paul Newman, the most popular Daytona. The exclusive accessories also cause the value of the color plate Daytona to be closely linked to its accessory quality. If there are no accessories, its value will be reduced a lot. Franck muller replica.

The internal movement is the Cal.4130 chronograph model independently developed by Rolex for the first time. The kinetic energy storage time is 72 hours, and the vibration frequency is 28800/hour.

Case Color: Silver-tone
Brand: Rolex
Engine: Mingzhu Engine
Band Length: 18cm
Movement: Automatic
Model: 116519
Gender: Men’s
Band Color: Yellow-tone
Series: Daytona

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