An Introduction To Antique Rolex, Submariner 5513, Watch Replica

Rolex Submariner 5513

Antique Rolex, especially antique sports Rolex, has many models and versions. Often, a change in details can make a massive difference in the watch’s value. In addition, many antique Rolexes are traded at auctions, so when it comes to antique Rolexs, many brothers will feel that they are far away from them and are not something they can play with. But in fact, some of the more common antique Rolexes are not far away from us. They can be bought and played with like ordinary watches. Antique Water Ghost 5513 is the most accessible model to get among antiques. If you are interested in antiques, you can start with 5513 (because there are many versions of 5513, the following content is about the regular version).

First, let me talk about the basic situation of 5513.

In layman’s terms, 5513 is the “grandpa” currently selling Submariner. The Rolex Submariner 5513 was launched in 1962 and continued to be produced until 1989. Rolex Submariner 5513 measures 40 mm (sometimes written as 39) and uses 1530 movement (sometimes 1520). The Rolex Submariners of the same period as 5513 were 5512. 5512 and 5513 were the first Submariners to add a crown shoulder guard, which established the appearance of the modern Rolex Submariner (Submariner). The difference between 5512 and 5513 is the movement. 5512 uses caliber 1560/1570, certified by the observatory; 5513 uses caliber 1530, not certified by the observatory. Fake Rolex watches.

Rolex 5513 (upper) and Rolex 5512 (lower)

Therefore, to put it bluntly, 5512 can be regarded as a “high-end version”; 5513 is a “simple version.” The difference reflected in the dial is that 5512 says superlative chronometer/official certified on the dial, so there are four lines of words on the dial; 5513 does not have observatory certification, so there is no observatory-certified English, and there are only two lines of words on the dial. You can distinguish 5512 and 5513 by looking at whether there are four or two lines of characters on the dial (referring to normal circumstances, excluding unique versions during the transitional period).

We can see four lines of characters on the 5512 dial.

Why can antique sports workers use 5513 to get started?

  1. The production volume of Submariner 5513 is enormous. Because 5513 continued to be produced from 1962 to 1989, the production cycle lasted more than 20 years, and the output was considerable. In comparison, 5512 was produced from 1958 to 1978, and the production 5512 was negligible. The 5513 was replaced by the Submariner 14060 in 1989 (the predecessor of the current 14060M and 114060). The 5513 is one of the most produced models of vintage sports Lowry. Today, 5513 often appears on the secondary market and is relatively standard.

Rolex 5513

  1. The price of Submariner 5513 is relatively low. Submariner 5512 is rare and expensive because of its low production volume and observatory movement. In contrast, the “simple version” of 5513 has a long production cycle and large output, and secondly, it does not use an observatory movement, so the price is relatively much lower. For example, in foreign countries, the market price 5513 starts at 5,000 euros, while the market price 5512 begins at 10,000 euros (the value is based on originality and condition). The current domestic situation is that the market price of 5513, which is in good condition and has no problems, is around 100,000, and the price for lower prices is around 50,000 or 70,000, depending on the condition.

Rolex “plaster face” 5513 (top) and 5513 with luminous hour markers and metal frame (bottom)

  1. Submariner 5513 has a perfect appearance. A significant feature of Rolex is its highly consistent appearance. Many models have been updated, but the overall appearance has mostly stayed the same. The antique Water Ghost 5513 looks very similar to the current Water Ghost, but there are many differences in details. The first significant feature of 5513 is the “plaster surface.” The time scales on the dial are directly made of luminous paint. Unlike the current water ghosts (114060, 116610), there is a gold frame around the edge of the luminous time scales (it should be noted that the 5513 luminous time scales produced in the 1980s also had luminous time scales. gold frame). Because the luminous paint process technology was limited at that time, the luminous paint turned yellow and discolored over time. The discolored hour markers were beautiful and had an antique feel. In addition, 5513 still uses acrylic glass (bubble mirror), and the lugs are perforated. These effects are not available on modern water ghosts. Although we can often see some antique 1803 and 1601 on the market now, these watches are all formal, and the size of 36 is relatively small, less sporty and relaxed than the antique Submariner 5513.

The appearance of the two watches is the same in the Rolex 5513 (top) and the current 114060.

What else should we pay attention to?

There are two main issues with antique watches: originality and condition. Some antique watches with relatively high value may have their hands changed, their dials changed, their bracelets changed, and their time scales redone. The main issue for the more popular ordinary antique watches is their condition. Someone said something before, which makes sense, that a Speedmaster in good condition is better than a Paul Newman in lousy condition. So, only buy a watch in good condition if it’s cheap. A watch in poor condition has little value. Watch replica.

In addition, new players should buy watches currently on sale and start playing with old watches after becoming familiar with the details and market conditions of various watches.

Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Case Size: 40mm
Series: Submariner
Case Thickness: 15mm
Gender: Men’s
Band Length: 18cm
Model: 114060-97200
Band Width: 20mm
Brand: Rolex

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