1980s Day-date Platinum Best Replica Watches

Today I will share a week-date watch produced in 1980. It is a rare platinum watch with diamonds on the bezel, and the model is Ref.18046. The day-date model made of platinum is a particular model, starting with the four-digit model Ref. 1804, it is a watch made for the wealthy class.

Because the price was too high, there needed to be a record on the price list [Comprehensive Handbook of Imported Watches] then. After searching various materials, I found its price was recorded in the [Comprehensive Handbook of Imported Watches] in 1985. The price has been raised, but now the online selling price is only about 5 million yen. The model published in the [Import Manual Comprehensive Manual] later became the platinum Ref.18049, so it can be easily deduced that Ref.18046 was a watch launched for a specific customer group.

The luminous tritium light on the dial in the picture is slightly faded and a very atmospheric silver dial. If you look closely at the dial, there are some scratches on the edges, but you won’t notice it when you wear it. The diamond above is also an early square style and looks very nice. The case is also perfect, there are no noticeable polishing marks, and the shape is complete. Although there are some traces of bumps from the side, its whole body and the unique plump case of the 1980s, coupled with the platinum material, look beautiful—a sense of weight. The diamond-encrusted bezel is also very special and will feel very high-end when you wear it. It is also perfect to wear it when you think casually.

Because it is a weekly calendar series, its strap is also a head-of-state strap made of platinum, like the case. Although it looks a little loose, it does not feel deformed. Even with the utmost care, the straps of these precious metal best replica watches tend to come loose, so bracelets in perfect condition are very rare. Many must first consider the ice blue dial when mentioning the platinum week calendar series. Still, the representative silver dial of the week calendar series in the 1980s is more popular. The silver-white color of platinum swiss fake watches differs from that of platinum or stainless steel, and experienced players can tell it is a platinum watch at a glance. The mainstream of the week calendar series in the 1980s was the gold Ref.18038. Friends who like formal wear must have discovered that even the platinum Ref.18039 was relatively rare. It was one of the highest-level watches at that time because The price of Ref.18046 was too high then, and of course, the quantity was much less than that of Ref.18039, which is rare.

When I discovered that Ref.18046 was 15.4 million yen at the time, I immediately speculated that the current market price would be about 10 million yen. Still, the current price on the website is about 5 million yen. The price difference is astounding. However, it is also understandable, after all, its initial positioning is for high-consumption affluent customers. How do you feel about this classic Rolex?

Dial Color: Silver Dial
Model: m178384-0003
Case Thickness: 12mm
Brand: Rolex
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Gender: Unisex
Series: Datejust

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